Is your latest android phone safe from hacking?

You would not be surprised if I say year 2008 was the golden year for Mobile lovers.With the introduction of Android OS by Google the mobile industry took the world by storm.HTC Dream was the first phone to wear Android OS as platform. It fascinated the mobile lover with its tremendous features, always-on Internet, music on fingertips and many more.Youth become fan of it because of its awesomely designed user interface.Since then there are lots of advancement in the technology and how could android be lag behind.

We have seen android from Froyo to Lollypop and now marshmallow. The features and awesomeness has increased by miles and so is the bugs – the vulnerabilities – something with may cause you mobile to be hacked.Yes – you got it right. As per the various data obtained from Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Directory, there is sharp increase in the vulnerability trend for android.
Year by year dataIt was year 2008 when android came live and the same year just a single vulnerability found after the penetration testing. Penetration testing is the mechanism used in information security industry by which bugs are identified.If you believe the central repository data, by the year end of 2014, 9 numbers of vulnerabilities was found in the android OS.

The things changed drastically in 2015, when we saw a huge increase in the number of android vulnerabilities. As per the data, till today (12/11/2015), as many as 127 vulnerabilities were recorded that means 1400% up from 2014, which is huge margin. Most of the vulnerabilities were so severe that an attacker or you say hacker can hack your mobile or tab by sending a single text message. After hacking your mobile he/she may delete the message as well and you could never know your mobile is been hacked.Also in the same year, it was found that there are many android apps available in google play that you can install in your mobile and in turn it sends your photos to public servers, a huge threat to privacy. urggghh!!! Such was the severity of hacking attacks!

Now you would be curious how you be safe using android. Yes there is a way or more. Once the vulnerabilities are found the software manufacturer makes the patches so that the bugs can be mitigated. If we keep updating android apps we can say we are at safer side.

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