Several unrecognized features of Google maps

Back in the days when Columbus was navigating parts of the globe in search of new lands, he was covering uncharted territory. Since then many explorers and navigators have crisscrossed all parts of the earth and created maps as a means to record their journey and to let people know what is where. Since then maps have been an important part of human history.

Every new journey to a more or less unknown place had to begin by charting a course after pouring hours on a detailed map of the area. In view of its importance a cartographer which is the name given to a map maker, assumed an important place in the history of mankind. It is the accuracy of his work that allowed people to visit far off places where few had been before.

Even now man is always visiting new areas not just outside his own country but perhaps places within his own city which he hasn’t visited before. In the olden days he would require a map of the place to get by but that’s a thing of the past now. With the advent of the digital age, almost every important function has been made available in a digital format and that’s no different with maps either. A map is now an important digital application that is available on every Smartphone and digital device possible. The one name that is on every lip is Google Maps a powerful navigation Application that makes it possible to visit every conceivable place including remote areas.Even though this app has been around for some time now, there are many features within it which are still unknown to a vast majority. Let us have a look at what these features might be:
#1 If for instance you are unable to get a pin point location to a place, use the Zero in function. Here you need to enter the address of your present location in the My Locations zone and the App will then create a trace route to your destination. The task of navigating therefore becomes very easy.
#2 If you’re likely to visit an area where there might be no internet connection, there’s no reason to worry. Just save the route map from your present location to your destination and you can save it in your device for reference even in a no internet zone. There are different means to do this for I phone and Android users.

#3It might so happen that beside the route to a particular place you might also like to have information on flights that lead to that destination. Here again Google Maps play a very important role. It is possible to get definite information on flights emanating from a place to another place of your choice quite easily. This feature is available on the desktop version of Google Map and the process is just a cake walk. Just fill in the starting destination and the ending destination and let Google search show you the flights to the place in detail. You get various parameters of information which includes distance, fare and flight timings and even rate comparisons. So with Google maps you have a trusted friend always with you.

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