Server crash on first day of DU admissions

Every promise of a bug-free online admission process turned out to be a failure on first day of the Delhi University’s undergraduate merit-based admissions. Some aspirants had to return from colleges without completing admission processes because of the malfunctioning and crashed server of university’s portal.

Few prestigious colleges like, Sri Venkateswara and Kamala Nehru, also saw lesser admissions on first day because of the crash despite a high number of applications. Some students even had to return downhearted as they were unable to fetch printouts of the DU centralized admission form.

Some people were trying to open the portal and get the forms but could not been able to do so and many people faced similar difficulty which eventually resulted in lesser admissions in colleges like Kamala Nehru, Sri Venkateswara and Gargi College.

A major fall in number of admissions can be observed in different colleges. The number of admissions in Kamala Nehru College fell down to 98, which was 125 in 2017. Similarly, at Sri Venkateswara College, the data almost reduced to half i.e 42 in 2018 and 78 in 2017.

Gargi College which received 300 applications last year recorded only 200 admissions this year while admissions reduced to one-fourth in Maharaja Agrasen College i.e 10 numbers of admissions compared to the last year’s 40. Some candidates were able to access the admission form, though at the cost of their nap.

The chairperson of the DU admissions committee mentioned that “We had some trouble in the server till about 12.30-1 pm. We were not expecting this kind of volume where nearly 50,000 students were trying to access the portal simultaneously.”

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