SAYS performed street play on ‘Animal Cruelty’

In light of the worsening condition of animals across the globe, be it lions being tortured in circuses or mules being forced to carry heavy loads, animal cruelty has emerged as an issue that clamours for immediate attention. To address this issue and create some awareness, the volunteers of SAYS Young Fellowship Challenge, under the leadership of Ms Srishti Dixit (SAYS Member, India) organised a short street play on ‘Animal Cruelty’. South Asian Youth Society (SAYS) is a regional non-profit organisation, based in Bangladesh, working to promote peace and prosperity among the South Asian Countries.

The play took place at Faculty of Arts, Delhi University on 18th February and attracted people from all spheres- ranging from various college students to teachers, university staff and other passers-by.

The street play consisted of short acts depicting the inhumane treatment of animals by human. The volunteers were successful in delivering and portraying out the necessary information on how people torment animals like dogs, mules, lions, etc. for their own selfish motives. The part that caught the attention of the crowd was how various drugs and cosmetic items are made by a series of experiments on rats and rabbits. A part of the play advised people to use only those products which have the ‘leaping bunny’ logo on them as the logo indicates that the product has not been tested on animals prior to being circulated in the market.

“The play was very informative and all the volunteers played their part really well. Also, I had absolutely no idea that animal cruelty is a punishable offence and we could be imprisoned for 2 years!” one of the spectators was quoted as saying.

The play concluded with the conveyance of information about various animal shelter homes in Delhi like Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, Red Paws Rescue, PAWS and enlightening people on how they could contact them.

(Submitted by: Radhika Bhargava)

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