Saudi Ambassador to India visits AMU

Aligarh, January 21: Reflective of India- Kingdom of Saudia Arabia relations which go back several centuries in time, Saudi Ambassador to India, Dr Saud Mohammed Al-Sati while addressing in the Aligarh Muslim University announced close educational ties in between the two countries.

“The exchanges in between the two countries in the field of education and culture have increased over the years, but they still have not reached their full potential and the Government of Saudia Arabia is keen to intensify the bilateral cooperation with India in educational field,” said the Saudi Ambassador while addressing at the University Polytechnic.He also said that our economic and trade relations have registered remarkable growth in recent years. “Saudia Arabia is now the 4th largest trade partner of India, while the Kingdom is the 6th largest market in the world for Indian exports,” pointed the Saudi ambassador who further said that the two way trade has touched almost US $ 49 billion in 2013/14, and the bilateral investments have also grown steadily. Saudia Arabia has been the largest source of crude oil to India for many years, meeting 20 percent of India’s oil imports at present, said Dr Saud.

Dr Saud also said, “As ambassador of Saudia Arabia to India, it will be my endeavor to accelerate the exchanges and collaboration between Saudi universities and Indian Institutions in general and the Aligarh Muslim University in Particular.”Praising the Aligarh Movement and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the Saudi Ambassador added: “I would like to seize this opportunity to pay respectful tributes to the founder of this great institution, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. Historians and scholars in India and abroad agree on the fact that Sir Syed was one of the greatest social reformers of India and his ideas and initiatives continue to influence various aspects of Indian Muslim’s life even in the 21st century.”Pointing out to the contribution of AMU alumni in Saudia Arabia, Dr Saud said: “AMU Alumni have contributed to creating a very good image of this university among Saudis, thanks to their hard work and professional excellence.”  He also added that it was his earnest desire to visit the Aligarh Muslim University during his tenure as ambassador of Saudia Arabia to India. “I am delighted to be able to fulfill my wish to visit AMU,” said the Saudi Ambassador.


Earlier in the seminar, the Vice Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University, Lt General Zameer Uddin Shah (retd) stated that this is going to be a start of close ties with the Saudi Universities. After introducing the Saudi ambassador, the AMU Vice Chancellor said that His Excellency Dr Saud has offered scholarships to AMU students. General Shah also said that there is a strong work force of more than three million Indians working in Saudia Arabia, which is a major source of foreign exchange in India.On his trip to AMU, Dr Saud also visited the K A Nizami Centre for Quranic Studies, Centre of Bridge Course and the Nano Technology Lab. On the occasion, Dr Saud also launched ‘La Madraza Magazine published by Prof Rashid Shaz (Director of the Bridge Course).Meanwhile General Shah and AMU Pro Vice Chancellor, Brigadier S Ahmad Ali also addressed the students of the Bridge Course.

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