Sachin’s Autobiography: His relation with a Tissue Paper!!!!

There is no doubt about the fact that many controversies are making their rounds among the people about the God of Cricket-Sachin. Sun rises in the east, and similar to this another universal truth is that Sachin has retired from International Cricket. But it seems he is not ready to retire from making new records. It is just Sachin-ish and largely a usual thing for him to beat the records too. This time, he has proven that cricket isn’t the only platform for his records. The autobiography ‘Playing It My Way’ has created wonders for him.

When the autobiography of the Apple founder Steve Jobs sold out about 1,30,000 copies, our own legend’s work got 1,50,000 pre orders. The book priced at Rs. 899 is aimed to break the records of many other leading books. As always, the online markets would fetch this book for you at an offer price. According to some almighty critics, the book consists of a literary representation of an era of Indian Cricket, probably what we would like to call as the Sachin Era. This book not only features the life of an individual named Sachin, but also the Indian cricket scenario during his time in the crease.

As we look into the book, we might find it amusing to know that Sachin owes a big thanks to tissue paper. Yes, you got me right- A tissue paper. When we sit watching a match where Sachin thrashes the bowlers to boundary and beyond, Sachin admits that it was the same tissue which saved his pride. He talks about it in his book. The incident took place during a super six match against Sri Lanka at the 2003 World Cup, where the above device became his savior. He also tells that he feels little shy to tell this to the public.

India was overwhelmed with confidence after slaughtering Pakistan in the preceding match. It was with the same feeling that they came to the ground for playing Sri Lanka. While Pakistan’s famed Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram could not help but watch Sachin smash their balls, Rawalpindi express-Shoiab Akhtar could not do anything special either. Sachin had scored 98 runs during that match. Sachin was suffering from acute pain in the ligaments during the match and had consumed large amount of energy drinks to overcome the weariness. He took extra care by adding salt to the drinks to avoid dehydration.

As we all may predict, his stomach started a full on battle. A gap of 9 days before the next match could not save him. He had to use tissue papers along with the inners, which helped him till the drinks time. Anyway, the results turned out to be positive. When tissue became his savior, Sachin became India’s savior. He scored 97 runs from 120 balls in that game to take India to a dazzling victory of 183 runs over Sri Lanka. This ensured India a place in semi finals. It’s sometimes funny and curious how little things help us do big things!!!

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