Role of Technology in Education

Technology plays a vital role in every aspect of our life. It has broadly transformed all our day to day activities like play, work and even learning. Nowadays, several educational institutions have embraced technology realizing its importance in education. More and more educational researchers should be encouraged to determine a better way to incorporate the use of technology to enhance learning.There is an immense change in the field of education till date once it embraced technology. Here are some of the points that illustrate how technology has improved education over time.

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Immense access to study materials

Now both students and teachers have access to an expanse of materials as there is a good deal of websites on the internet with the resourceful information. The internet consists of an array of knowledge and it does not limit pupils to one person’s opinion. Nowadays, students enjoy understanding concepts and resources like NCERT Solutions For Class 8 through the advanced methodology of learning.

Students can develop valuable research skills at the early age

Technology provides students quick access to plenty of quality information with just one click. This leads to the faster phase of learning than ever before.

Flipped classrooms

In flipped learning, the study materials are provided beforehand. It is opposite to traditional classroom-based learning. For example, the students can watch video lectures in their home and its discussion can be carried out in the class hours.

Digital Textbooks

The main advantages of digital textbooks is that they can be easily learned from any location using smartphones or tablets.  It is more cost-effective compared to regular textbooks.

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