Richa Singh writes Open Letter to Prime Minister on his Allahabad visit

Dear Prime Minister
On the occasion of your Allahabad visit, I would like to bring to your notice following issues of University of Allahabad (a central institution) which demand immediate attention to save the university and to ensure gender justice-
• Gender insecurity is widespread and as a result female students are regularly harassed inside the campus. Many in university administration are hand in glove with those committing crime against women. The biggest tragedy is that VC has appointed people accused of serious crime against women at the highest office of the administration (Registrar and OSD to VC).
• Increasingly university administration is becoming the hub of financial irregularities and corruption. In financial matters there is no transparency and tenders are distributed at the whims and fancies of those in administration. Moreover, lakhs of public money is spent on personal comfort and luxury. Thus I insist for CBI inquiring all the financial transactions in last one year.
• Academic career of thousands of students is in danger because of the criminal negligence of duty on the part of university administration. Thousands of students could not appear for recently conducted undergraduate entrance exam (2016-2017) because university failed to do the required arrangements. Moreover, LL.B degree of thousands of students is at stake due to the reason university failed to obtain necessary recognition of degree from the Bar Council of India and of Uttar Pradesh.
• Adopting biased attitude towards dalits and OBC’s, VC has appointed person convicted (by MHRD) of OBC discrimination as the joint-Registrar.
• In the most atrocious move, VC is regularly harassing and intimidating students, faculty and non-teaching staff. Paying no heed to their just demands, VC is attempting to falsely implicate the agitating student union leaders under serious charges and also making effort to unlawfully expel them.
Dear P.M. the most unfortunate is that despite several letters, MHRD has repeatedly failed to initiate much needed action against the misconducts of university authorities. Left no options, students, youth and women demand your immediate attention. Hope for the purpose of saving the brightest future of the thousands of students, to ensure gender security and to check the wrongdoings of the university authorities, you will immediately initiate inquiry and action against the VC and others.
Richa Singh
Allahabad University Student Union

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