REVIEW OF Iphone 6

Apple has launched its new smartphone in the recent past. Apple iphone is bigger in size than any phone launched before. It is very thin and can be easily carried around. The new iphone 6 has a new Retina HD display. This new iphone has hardware and software in one continuous form.
That makes the iphone a better use for any one.

1. SIZE: The iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus differs in size. Iphone 6 is 4.7 inches and iphone 6 Plus is 5.5 inches. This makes Apple iphone 6 plus a bit bigger and it cannot be carried around easily. The new iphone is very slim and with a large display. Iphone 6 is very light to touch, with iphone 6 being 6.9 mm and iphone 6 Plus being 7.1 mm.

2. DISPLAY: The display provided is bigger than others. It has Multi Touch screen display. This helps to forecast bright and brilliant colors that are pleasing to the eyes. It gives better and wider viewing angles. Because of the new Retina HD display,we can get the experience of better viewing.

3. VERY EFFICIENT: iphone 6 is very efficient and powerful. It is built on 64- bit desktop-class architecture. It also has new A8 chip. It has better battery life that helps to use the phone for a longer time.

4. CAMERA: The camera is better with new features. It has new Focus Pixels which helps to focus with more precision. The video features the time lapse mode. It will have more video capturing capacity than before.

5. SECURITY: Iphone 6 provides security at your fingerprint. It has a breakthrough touch ID that helps to securely access to the phone. This facility helps to protect your phone from danger.

Iphone 6 is the highest selling iphone in the market. With its new and advanced innovations, Apple has taken a new step in the world of technology.

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