Reality behind AMU controversy:An opinion by AMU Student

Aligarh Muslim University,Uttar Pradesh:
The main content of the whole story or can say the controversy, lies in the point that some of the girls ( about 10-15%, mainly) demanded outing for library from VC sir on the very day of the installation of the AMU students union, which was denied by VC due to various reasons and  for that the whole nuisance arose. But I don’t think the problem lies here.

Since it was too small issue and that too was a personal issue of our university. It was not a big thing, which we or our administration or our VC wouldn’t have been able to handle. What was the need for the media to spread it like fire within no time. How it got spread in whole of the nation in just a day whereas the Sir Syed Day celebration: which was a grand celebration and had the content to be covered by the media, was, I think not even noticed by them. Why is it so….what does this signify.
There are many grand functions and festivals held in this institution every year.. But would those media people be able to show any records of those. Certainly not…its not like, they don’t come to know about it. We also know this very well that all of them, including the media and the politicians are keeping an eye over our university, since this government has come into power. They just want to divide us on some or the other basis n have their control over this institution, as they wish to rule over whole of the nation without any exception and they find this place a little away from their reach. But they know that they can’t do this directly as it is an educational institution. Its the place where they can’t play their dirty politics actively. So they are just looking for the opportunities to get involved in our matters and that’s the opportunity our girls gave them.
But indeed no one knew that just keeping a request will cost them so much that the pride and prestige of our university will b at stake.
[author ]I am Areeba Seraj Khan student of Aligarh Muslim University pursuing B.Sc in Chemistry[/author]

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