Ramzan and Purushottam Months in Unison

After several decades, the holy months of Ramdan and Purushottam (the extra month of Shak Samvat that comes every third year) have come together. We undertake self inquiry and develop strength to speak truth. Remember the meeting between Lord Ram and Bharat. Build that kind of un-crooked love. Remember the Hudebia Agreement of Prophet Mohammad (s.a.) (when he took multitudes of people, who had come for Tawaf i.e. going around of Kaba after travelling 300 miles from Madina, back without Tawaf, for the sake of peace). May Almighty give us that kind of tolerance. At this time the fire of hatred and assertiveness of authority is gripping village after village. We contain it. Otherwise the fast growing wave of exploitation by market forces will ruin the villages.
In this season of coincidence, we should practice the following five fundamental truths:

1. Labourers, artisans and farmers, irrespective of their religion, are not fed by the nation, rather they feed the nation. Never entertain such evil thoughts against any worker that he eats of the nation and sings for the other nation. Such thoughts are treachery. Liberate your self from them.
2. To reply a pebble with a stone or gun is derailed mentality. Get over it. It strengthens exploitation.
3. Hatred against the other person or other community may unite you. And with that (power) you may crush the weak. However, your soul will go to ashes. Refrain from this sin.
4. The military might of the nation, wealth of the capitalist and wisdom of the intellectual are not your strengths. Your strength is your soul. Its nourishment is truth, compassion and productive labour. Strengthen it.
5. Masses of the world are one – living on honest earnings, simple and truthful.  Develop affinity for them.

You may form Sadbhav Bhajan Mandali in your locality and run weekly programs of bhajans/ghazals to spread the message.
#Sadbhav Mission

(Written by Professor V.K. Tripathi, a senior professor of Physics at IIT-Delhi and founder of social organization Sadbhav Mission.)

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