Rajasthan 2013 Assembly Elections:19 newly elected MLAs have declared serious criminal cases.

New Delhi:Rajasthan Election Watch (REW) and Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) have analyzed the self-sworn affidavits of all 199 newly elected MLAs in the Rajasthan 2013 Assembly Elections.Rajasthan Election Watch had analysed the affidavits of all 67 re-elected MLAs.There are 13 re-elected MLAs who have declared criminal cases in 2013. Out of these 13 re-elected MLAs, 3 had declared criminal cases in the last assembly elections too.The average asset of these 67 re-elected MLAs now in 2013 is Rs 3.89 Crores. The average assets of these 67 MLAs in 2008 was Rs. 1.69 Crores. The average asset growth of these 67 re-elected MLAs is 130% or by Rs. 2.20 Crores. 58 re-elected MLAs of BJP have shown an average asset increase of 130% or Rs 2.36 Crores. Assets of 6 INC MLAs  grew by 144% or  Rs 1.68 Crores.The maximum growth in assets has been forAshok Parnami of BJP from Adarsh Nagar constituency. He has declared an increase of Rs. 22.95 Crores (627%) i.e from Rs. 3.66 Crores in 2008 to Rs. 26.61 Crores in 2013Assets of Gopal krishan of BJP from Bikaner West Constituency have increased by Rs 12.84 Crores (85%), i.e. from Rs. 15.03 Crores in 2008 to Rs 27.88 Crores in 2013Assets of Narpat Singh Rajvi of BJP from Vidyadharnagar Constituency have risen by Rs 6.98 Crores (299%), from Rs 2.34 Crores in 2008 to Rs 9.32 Crores in 2013 (Narpat Singh Rajvi  has not declared value of two vehicles and value of  shares iin his 2008 affidavit).