Qualifying IES or Getting a PSU Job,which is Better?

It is the most frequently asked question by those who have just completed their graduation in engineering that whether they should prepare and appear for IES exam or qualify GATE to join a PSU. In India, most students shoot on two top government jobs i.e. Indian Engineering Services (IES) and Job in Central Public-Sector Enterprises (PSUs).

To this, many answer in favour of IES selection, however, it is equally important to get into the depthsof both the given opportunities.

Indian Engineering Services are offered by UPSC to engineering graduates after they get their IES result. This prestigious exam is the most sought-after opportunity for such aspirants.As it is one of the hardest examinations, cracking it is next to a dream come true for every applicant. On the other hand, Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) delineate state-owned enterprise and most of the companies under PSUsrecruit workforces grounded on the score card of GATE.

Let us look at some of the major aspects of both, qualifying an IES exam and getting into a PSU.

Nature of Job

Both IES and PSU are highly reputed job profiles. However, those who look for a central government job prefer IES. The profile is equivalent to that of an IAS officer and the posts offered are gazette in nature. As per the common opinion, engineering skills are more utilized in Engineering Services than in PSUs.

On the contrary, one can also infer that in a PSU, there are various aspects of a job which might be handed over to the job holder. Thus, the person gets trained in a variety of fields and gets to handle different responsibilities.

Job Security

As far as job security is concerned, those who go for IES are at advantage. Over the years, PSUs have been at the loss bearing side. So, there is a possibility of investments being withdrawn. Also, job slashing may occur at any given point.

On the other hand, IES is a government job and provides job security, as well as a full proof retirement plan.

Pay Scales

There is a general belief that the pay scale at PSUs is more than that in IES job. A Maharatna PSU might offer an approximate salary of INR 25,000. Apart from this, loans are offered on lower interest rates and various other expenses are covered.

In IES, the pay scale may vary while other facilities like bungalows and invisibles like power, authority, elitism is there. In IES, basic expenses of the office holders are covered too.

Why Students Prefer IES over PSUs?

IES is a Group‘A’ service and one is given the stature of agazette officer. On the other hand, one is just an employee in PSUs. Although some PSUs pay well with all the other facilities and benefits, IES is something that the engineering graduates dream of as one does not only get the respect equivalent to an IAS /IPS officer, but isalso provided with the luxuries like house, car,servants etc.

IES is for government services. Therefore, pay commission be applicable to it, which ensuresregular increment. But in case of PSUs, it depends on the performance of the employees.

Apart from monetary advantages, there are moral sentiments attached to the Engineering Services. With IES, one gets toserve the nation, whileat PSU, you only work for the company.

Furthermore, most of the IES officers have their postings in urban areas, whereas, PSU officers have to serve in rural areas where the industries are located.

Why Opt for PSU If Not IES?

Primarily, total in hand salary of some CPSEs which are extending the initial basic pay of INR 24900 (in the pay band of 24,900-50,500), is more if compared to the emoluments of IES officers. These CPSEs are ONGC, NTPC, BPCL, IOCL, HPCL, OIL, GAIL, PGCIL, BHEL, and CIL. So those who wish to earn more money can confidently join the above-mentioned PSUs.

Also, PSUs have the least culpability of job, whereas IES officers have great responsibilities as they lead a core team and report directly to the central government. In addition to this, the pay, perks and promotions are directly linked to the individual as well as to the company’s performance.

At last, it depends upon an individual’s interest. Job in PSU is a great optionbut it also requireshard work and dedication to achieve it. On the other hand, if you want to work in the same field you pursued your graduation in, i.e. Engineering, and wish serve your country at the most respected profile, then IES is the best option.

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