Protest held at AMU-Kishanganj to remove director and warden

AMU centre, Kishanganj:

Demonstration at AMU centre, Kishanganj ran into its second day on 15 November as students of B.Ed and MBA locked the main entrance gate, blocking entry or exit of anyone. The engaged students were demanding to remove students’ warden Farha Rashid and director of AMU centre, Dr. Rashid Nehal from their posts.

The protest attracted ADM Ramji Prasad, SDO Md. Shafiq, DCLR Niraj Kumar Das, DCP Anil Kumar Singh and (sadar thanadhyaksh) Aaftab Ahmed who immediately reached the site and tried to calm off the students in vain.

According to the students, warden Farha Rashid has been misusing her power by creating issues out of basic things like talking to fellow hostel mates, mentally harassing the students and blackmailing to get them failed in exams. She also used to stay away from her office, though she was officially supposed to stay there during the night. A complaint was made to the director regarding this, but no action was taken. The director has also been accused to have entered girls’ hostel twice and have harassed one of the girls.

The two have been alleged to be in an illegal relationship and thus having established dictatorship in the university. The angry students thus had to resort to protestation.For now, Farha Rashid has been removed as the warden of the students’ wing, but will continue to take lectures. Unsatisfied, the students said that they will continue to protest unless some senior member steps down and take an unbiased action.

Md. Aslam, a Jamia student who is resident of Kishanganj condemned the incident and said “This is a very unfortunate incident. I am in regular touch with my friends at AMU and it saddens me to see their plight.”

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