“Problems which the Metro brings along with in Jamia Nagar”

The metro is coming to Jamia Nagar probably the next month. People are relieved to have the transport facility which will connect the South Delhi to the rest of Delhi. It would be most valuable to the students of Jamia Millia Islamia who reside outside Jamia Nagar in Delhi or NCR. The Metro is better in the sense that the people lose a lot of time stuck in Road Jams, and crowded Buses especially if one has to go through Ashram and Kalindi Kunj. The Metro would indeed save a lot of time and money.

But shouldn’t we also question the policies and the implementation of the Governmental projects like the Delhi Metro. The metro was initially planned to be stationed inside the Jamia Campus. But, due to the protest by the Administrative Staff, an alternative proposal was made to pass it along the Maulana Mohammed Ali Jauhar Marg and stationed in front of the Noam Chomsky Complex, 120 metres from the initially planned area.

When I look at the Metro Bridges hanging at the Maulana Mohammed Ali Jauhar Marg, it looks like a concrete jungle replacing the Natural habitat. I came at Delhi just months before the Metro Project started at Jamia Nagar. The Jamia had a scenic look with trees forming a canopy over the roads. Jamia had more greenery along the roads in those days. The Project started with the cutting of the trees. The natural greenery was cut down to make way for the “artificial beauty”. The Ambience was lost.

Today, if we look at the Projects of Delhi Metro, if I am not wrong it is nothing more than an unpleasant and ugly concrete mega structure. Delhi Metro runs above the ground and below the ground as well. In the busy and posh localities of the New Delhi Municipal Corporation the Metro Projects are mostly underground. Places outside the ambit of NDMC are mostly above the ground, since the project becomes cheaper over the ground. Therefore the Metro Bridges at Jamia like in most of Delhi is above the Ground.

Adding to the cutting of trees and the concrete jungle there is a major problem like noise pollution. The Metro Project is more beneficial to the densely populated areas of South Delhi. But the Cons of the Project could not be overlooked. Cases related to the effects of Noise Pollution are many like Hypertension, Sleeping disorders, headache among few. The Metro would greet you for the rest of its life by its screeching wheels and occasional horns. The Noise Pollution is not too high but is would definitely add to the already noise in the area. The metro is passing through the University and Residential areas most of them not being more than fifty metres away. The Noise Pollution would be a cause to worry about, since its effects are visible only in the long run.

The Metro was a necessity for the people of Delhi. The starting of the Metro in Jamia Nagar would be relief for the people and the students. But, it should not come at a cost. The majority of the people don’t pay heed to environmental problems like cutting of the trees in this case. Also, the people are not educated (aware) enough to think about the potent of the increased noise pollution. A place where the State Government and the Municipal Corporations don’t work, it comes as a duty and responsibility for the citizens to question and raise issues pertaining to their health. Ironically, this duty and responsibility is somewhat absent in the case of Jamia Nagar.

(Written by Majid Alam, a student of Convergent Journalism in Jamia Millia Islamia )

4 thoughts on ““Problems which the Metro brings along with in Jamia Nagar”

  1. What does the author suggest now? All this is done and dusted. This discussion and protest had to take place when the trees were being cut. Now nothing can be done. Let us focus on the positives.

  2. Things can be done even now. The area behind the Noam Chomsky Complex should be used to plant trees to compensate for the trees cut in the past. It is supposed to be the Paring Lot. To avoid the Sound pollution I would suggest that the buildings falling in the vicinity of the Metro line including the residential ones should be provided a minimum amount for sound proofing. These are the minimum steps that the Metro authorities should take if the demands are properly mobilized. Thanks for your valuable suggestion Asad Zaidi Sahab.

    1. Bro half of the construction in Jamia and adjoining areas is illegal. And you want to sound proof it. Nice…
      I too agree more trees can be planted but that Jamia can also take up! After all people of that area will only benefit from fresh air.

  3. As per the article we should go back to stone age. Bro there is still a lot of greenery left. Metro is a welcome relief to people and the pros outweigh the cons. So relax and enjoy the ride.

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