Problems faced by Bihari students in Delhi University

Delhi university(DU) is one of the most prestigious universities in India. It admits over 54,000 students in its undergraduate programme each year. It is the dream of every student to be studying in DU many students come here every year from states like UP, Bihar etc. to attain supreme level education. Although attaining education could be quite challenging for it is, getting admission is no less than winning a war because of high marks cut-off & various procedures they are asked to fulfill. Unfortunately the problems of students of other states don’t go down even after admission. they faces some real challenges like getting a good hostel bed, food etc.

some of the crises that they face here are:

1. Coping with the high cost of living:
Money is a big issue, hostels and PGs usually charge too much. sometimes it becomes difficult for the parents to pay all the expenses of their child as the expenses never end. they have to pay for their hostel/pg, traveling and so many basic things and facilities needed for survival.

2. Adjusting with the metropolitan trends:
a lot of times, they come so far from home to study because of excellence in academics. their families want them to establish more than the previous generation could. so they put all their funds together to make this happen. but even after that aspect is covered, it becomes a challenge to survive because they feel their growth and exposure is different from that of Delhiites. such people at times tend to stick to people belonging to their hometowns to feel like they belong, which hampers their growth.

3. loss of identity:
They feel they lack the exposure as compared to metropolitan kids. thus, in an attempt to fit in or be accepted, they tend to lose their individuality or what connects their roots and get lost in the crowd trying to level up with delhi people. at this point they either get too motivated to cope up with delhi culture or get lost in the crowd.

4. Switch to English:
most of these students share a common problem. they aren’t well- versed in english, since the medium of instructions in schools and colleges they come from has been been hindi. so they often find it hard to switch to English.

These problems have caused a further division among the students, especially with the rise of their unions. we need to try to solve all these problems: administrations need to make strategies to solve all these problems.

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