Prem, Porasona, Politics and more: Jadavpur University

Hectic March tragedies,college hunting phases, nervous entrances, selection lists and of course insomnia with ‘Cha’. A sure shot bong aspiring student routine just after boards. And then it transcends to being ‘Atel'(intellectual) here at Jadavpur University(JU)- a place like none. With offerings of a haloed campus, idiosyncrasies and quirks of youth and immense talent, simply a hemisphere of Prem, Porasona, Politics.( Love,Studies,Politics).

Here we celebrate the cojones of its air and breathe revolution.

1. Entrances

Just after your boards amidst sheer nervousness and future rescuing propositions, JU entrances provides a fresh start of building an argumentative Indian out of you. Grab your jhola, pen and talent and start arguing the system.

2. Low fees
Low Fees

One of the greatest things about JU is even if you’re coming from an extremely needy family, you won’t have to worry much about your college fees. The fees are as low as Rs 1200 / semester and exam fee is Rs. 10/subject. Even an online food portal charges more than that.

3. Diverse Education and disciplines
Diverse Arts

Jadavpur University offers the diverse streams of Arts, Sciences and Engineering. There is a wide variety of Engineering courses either be Mechanical or Environmental, quite the same with arts- subjects like Comparative Literature, International Relations or Sociology are new budding disciplines.

4. JU Brotherhood
Shyamal Da Tea

The JU brotherhood is something to see either on the streets chanting slogans or the galvanising addas over ‘Shyamal Da-Cha’. The senior junior relationships are overrated with countless debates or countless football games at the Engineering Matth(playground).

5. The Lingo
Ju Lingo

In JU, you’ll learn a whole new level of Bengali language. “Ke re Bhai?”,”Sitter na niye”, “chaap”,”katiye de”, “Hyal”, “Lyadh” etc are first invented and used on the lands of Jadavpur by the bohemians of the University.If you don’t understand the meanings of these, you simply don’t belong to JU.

6. Central Library
Central Library

From Animesh-Madhobilota to Hegel or from class notes of Renaissance to poems of Shakti Chattopadhyay, this is every Jadavpurians destination, the must to go place for a research scholar or a hangout zone of friends while making notes. The CL of Jadavpur University also contains a well established digital library with wholly equipped computers and softwares designed for library works.

7. Existence of an Open Air Theatre

The massive luscious campus of Jadavpur also surprisingly contains an open air theatre one of its kind in Kolkata. Either its Sanskriti( Cultural fest of Ju) or Freshers or some contest, the JU OAT is the destination for your evenings with music playing around and drinks or might be some joints to have some ‘hyal’

8. Zoned out places
Worldview adda

The zones of Jadavpur which completely zones you out are numerous, there is WORLD VIEW- an adda place of in house musicians and ‘atels’ opposite water like-tea serving Milon Da’s canteen. Evenings are composed of JHIL PAAR and GREEN ZONES for bottles of beer and puffs of joints. Don’t forget to visit the galleries of in house artists at the CL LEDGE zoning you into some inception with graffitis.

9. Rally at 1:40
Ju Rally 2

Campus is hot and both literally while figuratively, the state has again unleashed its lumpency and JU students wont sit back, here your class consciousness and marxian studies will force you to shout your lungs out saying ‘Azadi’ chanting slogans, clapping hands, holding red flags, the campus would retreat and at just 1:40 pm it organises itself for another united movement.

10. The campus of Hokkolorob
Ju Rally

Either its Hokkolorob or ‪#‎STANDWITHJNU‬ or its FTII or its the movement of HCU, JU never forgets the legacy of freedom and dissent which the 1970s taught this institution, this campus is no island or a disney tomorrowland, its a reality, a voice, a student force who knows to retaliate, it stands with the ideals of Ambedkar and Chandrasekhar , it remembers Konan Poshpora, it remembers the last words of Rohith Vemula.

Prem, Porasona, Politics and more

Welcome to Movements, Welcome to Jadavpur University.

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