At one hand where social networking has become a tie of appreciation, it has also reached down to devalued standards of threats and abuses to the humankind at large. Posted on Saturday, 19th December 2015, a man on an open platform such as Twitter took to it and provoked the Twitterati to rape Delhi Chief Minister’s daughter, offering rewards for the same.

This is an open blow in the face of humanity. What lows are we yet to see? Where social networking was once used to build up networking ties among remote places, making communication just a click away, people have misused the very concept to cater to their vile interests. Where are women safe now? Roads? Metro? Buses? Online too, abuses and threats have taken a toll over statistics as far as online harassment is concerned.

Garry, from his twitter account @garrysingh954, tweeted, “Someone rape Kejriwal daughter but rapist age 17-18 I offer 1 lakh rupees cash and one new bike.” Not long has it been that we commemorated Nirbhaya’s 3rd death anniversary that we now get to witness such abusive tweets, openly showcasing the attitude that some men still possess towards the female gender which is highly disappointing. Enraged by such nuisance, all those who witnessed the post, tweeted further stating their strong disapproval to such degraded opinions.

More than just a political glitch, it’s the women of our country that we’re talking about. They too are human beings who need to be respected and equality doesn’t just exist on paper. Standing to the rescue, when a member of Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), took notice of the tweet, an action was soon taken against Garry.

Here are the reactions to Garry’s tweet:




At 9:15 P.M, Saturday night, Garry again tweeted, marking his apology and stating his lack of understanding of the social networking site. Nevertheless, a mistake is a mistake and must never be repeated. Women’s safety, to top it all, has become a serious concern of the society and must be dealt by every individual with respect and attention.

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