Over 25 students and faculty members have been arrested by the police in Pondicherry University


A brutal lathi charge took place in Pondicherry University on 31st July against students and faculty members protesting against incumbent vice chancellor Mrs. Chandra Krishna Murthy. Over 25 students and faculty members have been arrested. Many people were injured during the incident, and were taken to the regional government hospital later. The students were protesting as usual by stopping buses and other visitors at the gates and blocking entry. The ambush started when one of the people from the other side of the gate rushed into the University gate and got opposed by the students. He was told to park his vehicle outside the premises and go to his destination by foot. This came to the attention of the in-house police. Efforts to drag the female protesters away from the scene were made by police women, but they didn’t budge. This resulted into a brutal lathi charge on every protester, irrespective of the gender. The struggle has been going on since the past five days. The protesters demanded that Mrs. Murthy be removed from the post of vice chancellor of the university. Local left parties CPM & CPI also paid their support to the struggle. No classes and no research activities had been taking place since the last five days in the university. The only thing that could be heard of was one slogan- ‘Remove VC, save PU’ It is suspected that the lathi charge was a pre-planned incident by the registrar and the VC. This shows how the administration is trying to disintegrate the revolution deliberately by harassing and manhandling.

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