Opinion: Why is CYSS boycotting DUSU elections?

Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) election has always been a topic of hot discussion among the students and media fraternity in our Country. The reason behind such a high fame appears to be quite logical. Having more than 45 colleges under DUSU and spreading across Delhi state covering approx 1,40,000 students as eligible voters, any student contesting DUSU election is supposed to enjoy back up of a stable Student Organization with support of every kind apart from his/her ability to spend lacs of rupees from his/her pockets. The Combination of Casteism – Regionalism plays a crucial role in determining the victory in any candidate , with all the students organization maintaining Gujjar – Jatt – Poorvanchali Combinations. The entire election process is so manipulative that entry of candidates for their campaign in various colleges totally depends on their caste, money and muscle powers.
As per the Lyngdoh Committee recommendations, a student is directed to spend no more than Rs 5000 in the entire election process apart from maintaining various disciplinary decorum. DUSU election witnesses a complete violation of all the norms and rules. CYSS, a student wing of AAP debuted its DUSU election last year with a hope to bring alternate politics in DU but failed to gain victory over a single seat. However its performance were applauded everywhere seeing it to be the first timer. With the new Session of 2016-17 to begin, DUSU election again have become a burning topic in its colleges and on Social Media.
ABVP, who had done clean sweep in last year DUSU election is perceiving CYSS as their biggest threat and competitor. CYSS, with mass joining of new students and widened volunteer base were pretty sure of winning 2-3 seats in the upcoming DUSU election.
But the sudden announcement by CYSS state office bearers to boycott DUSU election has left everyone in surprise and confusion. Many students including opposition organisations are unable to believe that CYSS with growing support and popularity among the students have withdrawn after coming closer their victory. This decision has also disheartened some ground volunteers to a extent. However the reason behind CYSS boycotting DUSU election is quite logical and Justified. As CYSS has believed in clean and alternate politics right from its inception and is committed to follow the footstep of its parent organization AAP, it was planning to introduce candidates with intellectually sound personality having disciplined and clean image , who can fight for the cause and rights of entire students studying in Delhi University. But the continuous attack and assault on its volunteers and other students activist in DU by ABVP goons, growing use of money – muscle power in the election has left everyone in despair. In spite of several complaints to Delhi police and Delhi University election officials to tighten the security inside the campuses and take stringent possible actions against the culprits, nothing has been done in this regard to control and curb such miscreants and anti social elements. CYSS fears that it will have to use its own muscle power in order to protect its volunteers from any probable attack thus contradicting its own moral responsibility and promise of alternate politics.
Keeping all these in mind, and to show their protest against the DUSU election officer, CYSS has decided to boycott the upcoming election. However , being a responsible student organization, CYSS is looking forward to play a positive role. Apart from allowing its volunteers to fight college level election, CYSS will educate the students to boycott all those organisations and their candidates which will be using wrong means and corrupt path for their victories.
 Meeran Haider ,He has completed his studies (B.Tech & MBA) from Jamia Millia Islamia. He is Joint Secretary of CYSS Delhi State.
Views given in this Opinion is his personal views and Aapka Times is not responsible for any conflict and it does not reflect Aapka Times ideology

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