Online Internships – Great Opportunities

Online Internships are a trend today. These are no doubt great opportunities for anyone who wishes to work for money or for learning. But there are some things that you should know before applying to online internships and this article outlines such things.

Internship is basically a job or project taken by a student in order to learn a profession, skill or trade. Unlike job which is timely and pays in money, an internship may or may not be full time and may or may not pay one in money. So, if you want to work for just learning some work and gain experience then you should first apply for internship. Your boss or the firm that hires you as an intern will then lay out the responsibilities of your work and will inform you whether it will be paid or unpaid.

Now, let us deal with some commonly asked question about internships.

Q1: How does an internship help a student?

Answer: An internship as discussed above will help the student to get into his or her field of interest, gives them first-hand experience as well. Beside the learning part, a student may be provided with some certification or even may get some stipend. The certificate may serve as a proof for your knowledge in that field and stipend will serve as pocket money. Internship also helps students to stay focussed and utilize their time creatively. So, an internship for a student is a win-win situation.

Q2: Where will I get an internship?

Answer: This question might have been little difficult to answer if it had been asked ten years before Internet but today finding an internship is just a click away. There are some good and trustworthy websites that provide internship for students and that too in all fields. Some of these internship websites are,, and many others. Signing up with sites help you link to the good internships available that too in the field that suits you the most.

Q3: What are the eligibility criteria for an internship?

Answer: Internships are semi-formal and there are no hard and fast rules in it as in comparison to rules of doing a job. But the eligibility criterion for internship depends on the kind of internship you are applying for and what field does it comes under. There are some simple questions that the firm might ask you before interning and select you on its basis. Do remember that an internship is a responsibility and a work, and whatever internship you opt for do work with full attention;respects deadlines and use your potential to the fullest.

Q4: Does Internships take all your vacation time?

Answer: In India, summer and winter internships are famous among students because in vacations a student has a lot of free time to spare and using this free time to learn as well as earn is the best way to spend vacations. Internships demand time but not all of it. The “work from home” internships are lot easier to continue even after the breaks or vacations are over. They just demand 2 to 5 hours a day depending on the type of internship you are doing. Just keep in mind that you are willing to dedicate the same number of hours to your internship which you mention while applying for the internship.

Q5: Are there really any good opportunities after the internship is over?

Answer: Yes. Once you complete the internship you gain a lot of knowledge and experience and knowledge and experience are assets in every field. Many a times the internships duration can be extended and if you continue to do excellent work, one might also get a job in the firm. Nevertheless if you complete the internship and then change your mind, you will always have the experience which might come in handy in some other job or stage of life.

So, internships are hence the greatest opportunities to which now the youth of India is exposed. It is better to spend time learning then to waste away.

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