One Billion Rising: Another way to celebrate the day of love

On one hand, where most people across the world were celebrating Valentine’s Day, a large number of people from more than 200 witnessed One Billion Rising.
One Billion Rising is a global campaign to transform patriarchal structures and to end violence against women and girls. They hold patriarchal structures and mindsets responsible for violence against women and girls. Also, there is modern, capitalist patriarchy, corporate media, mindless consumerism, cosmetic industries, garish weddings with exorbitant dowries that objectify women and make men violent and greedy.
One Billion Rising was held in Delhi in Central Park on 14th February 2016. A lot of people from different walks of life participated in the event. Organisations like MenEngage and CFAR were present, colleges such as Miranda House and Kalindi performed plays and nukkad nataks. Asmita Theatre too, presented a nukkad natak. Many more events like dances wer performed, poems were read, and experiences were shared.
The One Billion Rising Revolution demands changes in the way of thinking, in institutions and structures. It is a call to men and boys everywhere to recognize how patriarchy harms and dehumanizes them. It is a call to survivors, and their family and friends to break their silence.

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