Not made it to your dream college?

All of us have hopes, goals and plans and when we set out to fulfil them our very first step consists of getting into your dream college!!! But what if you are unable to make it?

We all have dreams and to fulfil them we all make a plan, a solid plan !! But our plan does not materialize in its very initial step, when we realize that we are unable to make it to our dream college.

But, but.. Is it so bad for plans not to work out our way ?! Since we’ve failed at our initial step, does it means that we will never succeed?? NEVER.

1)  Getting into our dream college is the primary step through which we get 2 steps closer to fulfilling our dreams . So what if we failed at our initial step ? Remember, few struggles and failure at initial step will save you from sorrows and troubles at later stage. After all failures and success do have a record once when you are done with your part of failures then you are ready to taste your cup of success!

2) Sometimes the plan that we make are not in accordance with the plans that god has made for us ! Sometimes our own plans may or may not be good enough for us (we may not realize it now) . Let us give god a chance to show his plan for us . You never know what all surprises he had stored in for us. Maybe its not that bad to go into a college that we get instead of a college in which we always wanted to get in.

3) We all admit that one is successful on the basis of his/her talent, not on the basis of the institution . I mean yes, institution is an important part but its not the only part. Major role is played by our talent. So, work hard and cover up that institution part as well…!

Set an aim , have a dream and chase it..! Good luck!

[author image=”” ]Aditi is currently pursuing law from IPU. Reading books and writing is her ultimate getaway from the world.[/author]

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