North-East Students Assaulted at ITFT

As per ABP News, Five students from the north-east studying at Institute of Technology and Future Trends (ITFT), Mullanpur in Punjab were assaulted by a group of students belonging to Himachal Pradesh on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, the two sides had clashed on the institute’s premises and intervention of the authorities averted the situation from getting serious. Racism against students from different states, particularly North Eastern, is still a burning issue among universities.

Another racism case that Times of India reported was recorded in the Mullanpar district of the garden city. The incident took place on Dec 15 when some students of a private college of the city belonging from Himachal Pradesh allegedly accused 5 Sikkim native students of the college. The police told that the same sort of issue has been ensued a few months back in the city which resulted in a cold war between the two sides. This cold war showed it’s effect on Dec 8. It has been reported that the students of HP passed certain anti-social, racial comments on the Sikkim natives which resulted in the dispute. 5 students got seriously injured and were admitted to a government multi speciality hospital.

The college authorities however have said nothing on the issue, neither they have taken any stringent action against the accused students.

North East students at many other places face discrimination based on racial factors.

This is the question to ponder upon that even after so many years of independence, Is India still lagging behind in fostering it’s moto of unity in diversity? Can it also be categorised in the so called burning wood of intolerance? If it is, then it is high time to join hands and efforts against those who are trying their hands on matriculating the cultural fabric of our homeland.

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