Mujhse friendship karoge vale facebook friends

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks among teens. Although it helps in connecting and keeping in touch with friends and contacts, Facebook can present some dangers to one’s personal data and privacy.

The idea of being stalked on Facebook doesn’t have the physical elements of being stalked in real world like being followed or watched but the feelings tend to be the same. It seems to be very weird, creepy, and scary, it isn’t good mentally and most importantly it’s illegal. But getting rid of these stalkers is very tough because they don’t seem to go away, and you don’t want to be mean to them. They don’t know you personally but they end up loving you and they don’t care if you love them back or not. Here we are talking about “lovers” i.e, guys who keep on messaging random girls for dating and friendship. All of them differ from one another in many ways like some tend to be very smooth and calm while messaging while others might approach directly since they don’t have the word ‘patience’ in their dictionary.

Ranging from the persistent one who keeps on messaging “hello, kindly reply, are you angry with me”-who have lots of questions to ask and will keep on asking till ther phone’s battery lasts. Some might just need a dynamic friend- they end up writing stuff like ”Hi u r such a divaaa..unstoppable, awesum…it will be pleasure 2 hv such a dynamic frnd”. Others might directly approach you- “Hey u got a charming face and smile can we know each other over a cup of coffee or something?” Few even tend to be very short and simple and making it to the point- “Let’s make love..add me”. The most common Facebook stalker is the one who says ‘please’ a lot- his conversation begins and ends with ”plz add me….plzzzzzzz plzzzzzz plzzzzzz”. Another one who wins the heart of many is the ones who tend to be very poetic in their tone, they love to write long poems- “magnificent eyes, wonderful smile, lovely hair, you’re incredible, gorgeous, your dp is cute, sweet, beautiful…” There’s another type of stalkers who are the most rejected ones. These types of people can be dangerous but honestly, they’re more likely to be the type sending messages, making calls and text and call and text and call and text- crazy ex-boyfriend types. A lot of times they’ll send a message which is very threatening like, “Oh, you better call me or come over or I’m gonna die.” or something like that.

Thus the category of stalkers vary from one to another but all of them end up sending creepy messages which become very irritating and frustrating at times. Thus the only way of getting rid of these Facebook stalkers so that they do not contact you again is just to block them simply or adjust your privacy settings. In case they create too much of a problem, you can complain the cyber crime cell.

[author image=”” ]I am Daniya Tabassum, presently pursuing Sociology hons from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. I love to read and write and have a keen interest in teaching as well. [/author]

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