Mozilla : The doorway to web is a doorway to your bright Future

“We all dream. We aspire. We desperately want to quench our thirst for success. But a few culminate. But, why should not all get the opportunity to live their dreams?”

Thus emerged the idea of Open Source Community in the cyber world, where every individual, irrespective of their educational background and age can join and contribute. Still, you must be wondering, how can an Open Source Community be a building block of your bright career? Yes! It can be. Getting involved in such a community will gradually help one to identify his/her hidden potential and also to nurture the pre-owned potentials.

One such Open Source Community, that works actively with numerous students in Delhi, NCR zone and also in other parts of the country is Mozilla Community. This Open Source Community will improvise you to think, indulge, innovate and at one point of time, will surely make you an important part of the ongoing cyber revolution.

A small lamp that was kindled in the year of 2003 is gradually diffusing its light and enlightening the whole world. This small lamp that gradually turned into a gigantic flame of the virtual world is called Mozilla Firefox. Similarly, that small lamp of yesterday will help to identify the seed of talent in one’s self, today and thus help to shape up a bright future for tomorrow.

Unfortunately, some misconceptions have been deeply engraved in the Indian psyche. One such misconception is that only students, who have good hold over coding and other computer languages, can be a part of such Open Source community. But, the truth is completely different. Such community welcomes individuals from diversified backgrounds, be it technical or non-technical.

The involvement of students with such community also aids in personality development, which is one of the pre-requisites before one lands up in an office environment.

So, gone are those days when one’s mark sheet would solely determine his/her career. In today’s world, where experience and practical knowledge count more than bookish learning to set up a bright career ahead, why not be a part of such community? Who knows this small step may lead the foundation stone for a bright future?

 Written by: Pushpita Dey

One thought on “Mozilla : The doorway to web is a doorway to your bright Future

  1. Nice article. Please see if you’re saying about Mozilla Firefox or just Mozilla because I believe Mozilla Firefox is a web browser.

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