Moral dreams overpower the material ones: 24 year old switches from an IAS to an online educator

Having earned a medical degree, cracked the civil services exam and been posted as an assistant district collector, life would be a leisure ride for anyone. Yet, something that Roman Saini did not opt for. Roman Saini, a former assistant collector in Jabalpur, resigned two years after he was awarded the post. Building up the educationist in himself, he quit the post and endeavored to act as an online educator or what we may call him as the ‘e-tutor’. A job that might not yield a profit similar to that of doctors but a moral stance is what he chose. The objective of such a change of power was to see students get through the academic hurdles that barricade youthful ambitions.

An idea, given to Saini when he was in the second year of MBBS at AIIMS by his school friend – Gaurav Munjal, for an online start up back then, chose to channelize the proceeds from the sale of his company at the disposal of – the channel of execution. Believing in quality education, Saini did not approve of the offline mode of it, due to the lack of infrastructure and human resources. An added element to the education at large was to inculcate the right attitude amongst the viewers. Launched on 15th December, 2015, over 400 lessons have been crafted by 31 educators, most of them work for free.

Working on a global platform, he uploads the lectures on YouTube for those pursuing to become doctors, civil servants, computer programmers and experts in foreign language. Success knocked his door when ten followers cleared the civil services exam along with a sky rocketing footfall of more than 1.1 crore viewers. Talking about social media, his pages witnessed 20,000 followers on Twitter and 64,000 Facebook likes.

Foregoing the prospect of an IAS which apparently is a ‘government job with security’ wasn’t easy at all. It subjected Saini to an internal turmoil. In a family of engineers and pediatricians, his dream wasn’t well accepted. Yet, containing a vision to drive the country, with education acting as the steering, Munjal and Saini endeavored to fulfil the technological intervention. Out of the 10 followers who cleared their civil services exam, Aman Mittal backed the 20th rank and Aparna Gautam made it to a 104 in UPSC in 2015.

Providing quality education to students like Mittal and Gautam who can neither spend much on preparations nor travel to far off places for coaching, Unacademy proved out to be the magic wand.

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