Modi begins his speech in Marathi language in Maha Garjan rally

NaMoSuyash Karangutkar for आपका Times
Narendra Modi’s Maha Garajan rally got a tremendous support from the people of Mumbai. As 1 pm- the time of the rally neared, the MMRDA ground at BKC witnessed large crowd. Supporters not just arrived from Mumbai but also from various parts of the country. 100 BEST buses, 46 special trains and some other private buses were pressed into service.

Rajnath Singh, BJP chief said that Price Rise has been a major problem ever since Congreess government has come into power. As Modi neared the podium and addressed the crowd in Marathi, loud cheers rocked the premise.

“For me Mumbai is my second house and Maharashtra is elder brother,” he said while addressing the mass crowd. He further added that Maharashtra is the key to dethrone Congress at the centre.

“His speech which had the potential to severely dent Congress strongholds,” said Prashanth Padmanabhan, a Supreme Court Lawyer who watched his rally. “It’s high time for Rahul Gandhi, if his words are sincere, to have a clear action plan, against corruption, if Congress has to survive, if not in 2014 at least thereafter in near future,” he added.

Somebody from the Samajwadi Party said that Mr Modi was a tea vendor and a tea vendor cannot become the Prime Minister. And Modiji had replied, ‘Desh bhechne walo se chai bechne wale achche hote hain’. That created a sense of pride amongst the tea vendors of Mumbai and they contacted us and we said ‘Yes, you come. We will give you a place to sit’,” Maharashtra BJP president Devendra Fadnavis told NDTV.”


  • Congress-Free India and other excerpts.

While encouraging people to rise against Congress, he said that the Land which rose-up with the slogan of Quit India should raise the slogans of Congress-Free India.

“Congress is drowned in Vote-Bank politics. It has a divide and rule policy like Britishers,” he said.

“Sardar Patel united India and now Congress has divided it,” he added.

Speaking on black money, he said that the money is stored by Congress Government in Swiss Bank should be utilized for the development on the poor lot in the country.

He claimed that some people from congress were shutting the cable connections so as to withdraw people’s attention from his speech. He said that whether he is there on T.V or not but he is there in the hearts of the people.

“BJP government aims at development,” he said.

“Madhya Pradesh was considered a BIMARU state. Today, it is free of that blemish,” he highlighted.

“There should be a full-fleged university for films and for history research.”

He finally appealed the people for not voting in favour of any party but to vote for the progress of the country. With the slogans of ‘Vote For India’, ‘Bharat Mata ki Jay’ and ‘Vande Mataram’, he left he concluded his speech.

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