Modesty in fashion riveted at Jamia

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we think, the way we live, what is happening. Enter into the streets of Jamia and you will lose yourself in the ambiance. One would never think Jamia could be so vivacious in its style, for it being a mare minority institution. Jamia is exactly like a ball of Cadbury brimming with colourful gems. They have their own peculiar dress code unique in their way. They have the charm to redefine fashion and never let fashion own them, and that is the spirit that makes them stand out.

There is always a bunch who think salwar kameez is an old frumpy outfit. To them I would like to say, dear bumpkins! Take a deep breath before you open your eyes in the vicinity of Jamia, for you are sure to lose it. Gals in here are downed in trendy ethnic, from Pakistani cloak like, a trouser and slightly loose kurta to churidar and patiala stuff, they even experiment with palazzos and long skirt with a twist. Flared skirt with traditional prints, designer kurtas with patiala salwar are hot favourite. The traditional garment kurta is worn as a top on jeans which gives a casual western look while still has a conservative elegance of Indian wear. To add their touch muslim girls wear it over headscarf. Kurta with jeans is their all-time favourite.
Jamia is a mini India. It shows diversity in a small place as it has students from different countries and states thus bringing in their own diverse culture under one umbrella. Hence Jamia sees attires that vary across length and breadth giving rise to the fusion in style.

It is said that fashion is a language and one should wear what makes you comfortable and what makes you feel cute, and that’s how you’re gonna look your best ’cause when you feel your best, everybody else can feel it, too. There are girls who would like to stay behind the veil and we are bound to respect it. But hey! Don’t fault it with a boring black cover. Take a pause before you encounter the indeed mesmerizing elegance in cover under Jamia’s sky. Jamia has a kaleidoscope of designs when it comes to hijabs and abayas. Their hijabs helps them to be treated for their minds not looks. The campus is filled with smiling women in an array of bright and floral head scarves looking anything but dowdy. These girls can be hijab style icon. One would go crazy if they find the real effort required to wrap the hijab in a perfect look from simple to layered. some girls jazz up their abayas with a leopard print head scarf. These girls speak the language of modesty at its best. Thus, we learn from them that modesty does not require them to be invisible or unfashionable. If someone thinks that girls wearing hijab couldn’t be stylish or that they had to be frumpy or dowdy, he/she is outdated.

These fashionistas would either make boys of Jamia would either make boys pop their eyes out or clash into each other. Not only boys, I once found myself in this dilemma.

Styles in boys and girls are too much on opposite side of pole. While I find pleasure talking about the drapes of girls that comes in range, it is boring to talk about the limited cloaks boys are found in. If girls are fashion delight boys are fashion suicide, sometimes. I have had seen boys wearing tight jeans to tight shirts. One can spot men from yellow pants to red pants, while their shirts are as lively as to replicate a garden. Thus girls often tend to name them “tight pants”, “garden”, “straight hair guy”, “without socks guy”, ” Mr. neon”. However, among these fancy beings, we do have those hotshot guys who have the charm to enthral, they know how to match their denims with a perfect tee, with smart sneaker and simple watch. Apart from this, they even wear khadi kurta for according to them khadi stays in fashion. It is not class specific, instead it is worn by all the classes of society.

I believe, these youths are desperate to discover their own culture and consequently give meaning to their lives. It is a process where Jamians are trying to tap their inner energy and lure people as an inspiration.Their looks speak their mind.

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