Men Are From Mars? Women from Venus?

This entire year or the years prior to that, I have seen sexist jokes, ridiculing the complexity in women, complaining girls are the most complex creatures on this planet. So this year I decided to promote a little healthy gesture between men and women, and may be shake a hand of communal harmony (horrible analogy!)

I thought of doing social work. By helping the entire social breed of those who are stupid enough to think women are complicated. So I will break a few things down, to help you in future, so that all you men, who read the following points do not stereotype us. So from all the women, here are few things that will untangle your brain cells and make us understand better.

#1 Like your sexist jokes suggests, WE ARE DOMINANT. But only for those to whom we give or are ready to give our utmost care and attention to, or else you stand to be a freaking nobody. I repeat, if we are not dominant, *YOU ARE NOBODY*

#2  We Whine About Your Precious Time? We women are born and raised to leave their parents and friends so that we basically become your domestic help after marriage or during live-in, *talking about long term* and also get into the bed with you. The feeling of not being even a proper fraction of your time sucks. It is not that you give us an entire day. But if you give us a proper time of even 10 minutes, we can survive for a week on that boost of happiness.

#3 BE HONEST PLEASE!!! A girl has the power to love you passionately, and also ruin you leaving you so devastated. And that depends completely on your behavior and the way you tell her the truth. Believe me, of she likes you and you tell her you once sold coke for living, she will accept you if she really likes you! Mark my words!

#4 Grand Proposal, extra sweet names? Hell no!! We don’t give a fuck about whether you propose us on the seventh floor of Eiffel Tower or you just blow a kiss on phone! We can actually make out which one is right from the heart! (We do believe that you should pop out a ring from your pocket)

#5 Boy! If you gotta dump her! Dump her for once. It is way more easier for girls to move on and realize the trash she was living with. So the notion of taking her for granted is a genuine bullshit! She might take you back once, coz she was weak. But make sure you don’t make it a habit, coz again, we can ruin your lives too!

#6 Mood Swings!! Boy! If a girl wants to talk to you during her periods! You better feel special, because at this time she would probably want to kill herself, her ovaries, the mankind, the universe. But instead she wants to talk to you! So please be kind. If you support a girl through her periods. You have won her heart. So don’t you dare blame it on PMS!!

#7 Women whine and complain?

Well we whine, coz you act like swine! *that rhymes*

If she whines for no bloody good reason, run and get a doctor, she   is either crazy or her hormone is. But if she is not that type of girl then please look back and see. She is sticking through every   thick and thins of your life, been there through YOUR MOOD SWINGS,   hasn’t seen your face for a year, just say that you love her and     that will be all.

So that is all for now, if any of you have any queries please let me know and girls if I can add on to something also let me know.

And MEN! I know we do expect a lot from you and you too have to deal with shit around. But we are not complicated. We are not the breed of players. All we need is unconditional love and loyalty and we can remain perfect for lives to come.

[author image=”” ]I am Anokhi Dasgupta,a short girl, with tall and big dreams. My passion is writing and travelling. Being a Bengali, singing is also something I enjoy doing, standing on the stereotypes. My aim is to eat, write and love. A social network, junkie, my half of the life is dedicated to facebook, instagram and Youtube. And I can keep talking till the world ends. 😀 Please let me know your views, and feel free to follow me on twitter @AnokhiD, Mail to:,Facebook:, Instagram: @anokhionelove [/author]

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