Meet The Youngest Poetry Author In India Who Is Also A Student Of Jamia Millia Islamia

Mohammed Arqam Bazmy who has just released his book,”The light of my life” is currently the youngest English poetry author in India. Arqam is an undergraduate student at JMI,New Delhi.His book is available online on numerous websites including Amazon, Google, Fishpond, Barnes and Noble etc.

Arqam belongs to a small town Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh, India. He is the son of well known medical practitioners of sambhal- Dr Rafat Bazmy and Dr Neelofar.Born in a family of doctors, it was challenging for him to pursue a career in poetry. But now his book which is available worldwide on various websites has defined his passion and hardwork in his journey of life.

Here is an excerpt of an interview with Mohammed Arqam Bazmy by team of Aapka Times.

When did you start writing?
For myself I started composing poems at the age of 14. The first poem which I composed was titled “The candle”. My first reader was my mother. She was the one who motivated me to write more.

Who inspired you to become a poet?
The first thing that inspired me to write was my name ARQAM. Arqam is an Arabic word which means Writer. And another inspiration which inspired me to become a poet was my late grandfather Mr Shafqat Hussain Bazmywho himself was an eminent Urdu poet. Most of my poetry is based on love and life. The beautiful fragrance of love did the rest of the job.

How will you define your success or the journey you have been upto?
My book “The light of my life” is just the starting point of the poetic jouney of my life. I faced immense hardships and challenges to reach this initial point of my journey. But as it is said “ If there is a will, there is a way” so I did it.

When did you feel that your collection was ready to publish?
When the hobby started changing into serious passion, I decided to publish my work. I alone was not made to enjoys those beautiful poems. Those poems needed a better audience …

What do you mean by the title of your book “The light of my life”? What do you want people to understand from your book cover i.e. a lady sitting under the sky with twinkling stars?
The title “The light of my life” points out towards that special person who is the reason behind this book. The first poem of the book clearly defines the title of the book.
The cover has been designed by Bushra Khanam. She is a student of BFA painting at Jamia Millia Islamia. After a clear study of the book she designed the cover which is the summary and heart of this book.

What one piece of advice would you pass on to this generation?
I feel a great scarcity of love among all of us. I just want to say that Love everyone and feel being loved back. That feeling is really very wonderful.

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