Meet This Young Kashmeeri Fashion Diva From DU Who is Making A Mark In Fashion Blogging

No obstacle, chaotic situation, different academic background or no assistance can stop a person from doing an outstanding work which he or she loves the most, be it outside the comfort zone. Today we bring to you a Kashmiri Diva who is not only pretty but talented as well.

Simer Kaur Sethi hails from Srinagar. She is pursuing graduation in arts from Dayal Singh College,a constituent college  of Delhi University. Initially, she used to style, pose for pictures and write blogs with a few friends of her just casually and passionately. She is the very first Kashmiri Fashion Blogger! Fashion and blogging are totally different aspects for her since neither of them she studied in the curriculum; it is the outcome of her sheer interest. Even though surrounded by helpful teachers and friends, she hadn’t taken any help in blogging yet. When asked about the time management, she told us that she shoots on weekends and posts them with regular time intervals on weekdays; not forgetting her studies as well.

Initially, she used to look out for the brands for collaborations. With the increasing reach and following on social handles by using the right hashtags and techniques, she is now approached by them for the shoots. Currently, she has done 12-14 collaborations! Her previous eight internships provide the knowledge and experience of handling the social platforms.

20 years old, Sethi is beautiful, fair, natural, brownish hair with a tinge of colour and ALWAYS wears a smile. From Ethnic to formal and casual, she does justice to every look. Comfort is the first and foremost thing for her and she focuses on wearable looks. Fashion for Simer is something that is comfortable yet stylish. On her Instagram and Facebook profiles, there are dozens of stylish pictures of her flaunting some amazing outfits including gowns, lehengas, kurtas, pherans, dresses; from which girls can have a perfect idea of the latest trend going on. She also owns a website from where you can access her and get inspired.

Fashion blogging makes her life beautiful since she does what she loves to do. Sethi says that she sees herself getting better and successful with each passing shoot. When asked about the difficulty level of the same, she declares it to be pretty much. From appointing photographers, makeup, styling, getting pictures clicked to writing content and handling social platforms, it is a tiresome job and requires lots and lots of hard work. But once you dedicate you hardwork in doing what you love the most, you feel worth of it, and the victory from the same provides the energy to do much more better than the previous.

Sethi’s life at Srinagar was nice but slow because of the obvious reasons but she never felt annoyed because of that and fully utilised her exposure when given a chance to study in the national capital, getting new things to learn and improving step by step daily.

Here’s an interview with the stylist by the Saniya of Aapka Times:

What inspired you to be a stylist and a fashion blogger?
Since childhood, I was crazy about styling and makeup but didn’t know how to make it a profession. When I shifted to Delhi, I met a few bloggers and found it very inspiring and fascinating and that’s how it started.

So you’re the very first Kashmiri blogger. Have other Kashimiris joined you after getting inspired?Yes, I do receive messages from people saying that we love your work but I don’t know how many of them will actually end up blogging.

Does your family supports you?
Absolutely, there has been a constant support from family and friends!

Describe your journey briefly.
My journey! Hmmm… I don’t know, I never planned for blogging. It just happened because I am passionate about styling.

Do you feel any difficulty while the internet is shut down by the government in Kashmir during chaotic situations?
I am in Kashmir during holidays and it gets really difficult as my work is totally dependent on the internet. I have to post no matter what.

Have you come across any failure? If yes, then how did you cope up with it?
See, no one can success without failure and also, not everyone is going to like you!

What are the delights of Kashmir which a non-Kashmiri should compulsorily witness and buy while going there?
Kashmir is full of beautiful hand embroideries and some of them are tilla, a phiran, silver jewelllery and many more.

Do you feel home at Delhi or Kashmir?
Definitely Kashmir, I love my hometown.

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