Meet this student on his bicycle expedition all the way to Mumbai for Big Boss 11 auditions

Salman khan’s fan has always welcome his initiative with the deepest affection. Meet Sushil Kasana who has bought the first bicycle from Salman Khan’s Being Human E cycle – saving the environment and stay fit and on his new bicycle, he has given audition for big boss 11 in a unique way. From India Gate to Gateway of India, he was on his bicycle travelling all the way to Mumbai to meet Salman Khan.

Sushil hails from a village near Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. He is a dedicated, enthusiastic, socially aware student of the Sikkim Manipal University who is making a difference in the world by his writing. He is a poet and a blogger, though he is a graduate in hotel management. Sushil has written on numerous social issues, the latest blog was about Alcohol Consumption.

Sushil has completed his 11-day cycling expedition on 07, July 2017. He has finally reached Gateway of India raising the banner of Salman Khan’s initiative of saving the environment and stay fit.

Here is an excerpt of an exclusive interview with Sushil while he was on his expedition with Asna Azhar of Aapka Times.

What motivated you to ride cycle from India Gate to Gateway of India?
Being a creative person I always try something unique. I wanted to make my Bigg Boss audition ‘the best ever audition’. A few days back, I saw Salman Khan riding on his new being human e-bike and that’s where this idea came to me. Life is one, why to think twice.

How was your cycling expedition so far?
I started my journey on Eid around 7:30 in the evening. It has been eleven days, last night I reached Mumbai. I rode and covered 170-180 km each day approx but then I also caught the fever, cough I had blisters too. I slowed down to 100-130 km for each day, tomorrow morning I will be finishing my expedition at The Gateway of India.

You write poems and blogs. Which issue in the society bothers you the most and why?
Though I write motivating poems. But women empowerment, teen marriages, extra expenditure on marriages and alcohol consumption bothers me the most right now. Nevertheless, every issue of the society is important and if we find something wrong, we should raise our voice in every possible way. I have also written a blog over alcohol consumption.

Being a management student how do you manage the contrasting interests?
The blogs and poems I write are my passion and my pen is my sword! I long to make a difference in the society by connecting with the youth through my work of words! Talking about the business studies that I am pursuing right now, I want to educate myself to face the very challenges of life and I am making myself empowered to do so by qualifying myself every single day!

Any message that you want to give to the youth?
Live in the present. You are in your best mental and physical situation. Follow your dreams. Nothing is impossible. People become what they decide to be. Decide something big for yourself.

Aapka Times wishes Sushil a great success in his future endeavours. 

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