Meet this Engineer from Delhi How she is conquering million of hearts

Mere unka zikar mai sare aam nahin karti,

Mai unemployed engineer hon yaar,

likhne ke siwa aur koi kaam nahi karti

-Shweta Singh

Shweta Singh a biotechnology engineer from NSIT Delhi and a remarkable writer who has composed splendid poems that got her over a million views on YouTube is all set to conquer millions of hearts. This youthful girl, who is motivated by nearly everything in her surrounding is a subjective poet and an all-rounder. Her poem “Agar tumhei lagta hai” which was a reply to “Yahya Bootwala’s, Shayad wo pyaar nahi” gained immense popularity on Youtube. She has also written many other poetries such as “Dear Crush”, “Tum The”, “Phir se Sambhalne lagi hoon”, etc are a hit as well. Shweta Singh is becoming popular, winning a lot of consideration over social media with her works.

In conversation with humble and gifted Shweta:

Can you recapitulate your childhood? How will you like to present yourself?

I have invariably been a creative student. I was always engaged in debates and when I read my first novel, Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets, it developed my excitement towards reading. Other than that I like listening to music in my unoccupied time and also writing something if I have a concept in mind.

What got you interested in Poetry specifically?

Reading as I said, was due to Harry Potter novels but I began achieving interest in poetry because of RJ Rahul Makin who became my first spur. I used to love listening to his show, every day and would not miss any day without listening to him.

What is the thought behind all your writings?

I do not have a definite genre. I get motivated by what I read or what I envision. For instance, if I am reading something by Jaun Elia Sahab, my pieces of literature would automatically picture his theme, If I read something by J.K Rowling, my writings would reflect his expressions and something by Nicholas would end in a sympathetic poetry. It all depends you on what I perceived.

How are modern poets varied from old poets?

I think there’s a lot of contrast. Initially, writers obeyed certain precepts that were executed for each stanza but presently Modern day poets are more like free birds. Modern Poetry is more like an Azad Nazm (free verse). It does not observe any rules. We address what we recognize and we do not keep any edicts in our mind when we draft.

Who motivates you the most? Will you like writing as a Profession?

I have many favorite writers that I get inspired by. Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Robert Frost, Jaun Elia Sahab, Gulzar Sahab, and many more. I have a lot of emotion for Writing and I would certainly like it if I grow to practice it on a professional level as well. There’s no surprise if you convert your passion to a profession.

What are your future plans?

As I said, I have done my Biotechnology and further, I will like to be a part of the media industry. I do not consider I would be suitable for a 9 to 5 job. Apart from poetry, I admire scriptwriting and storytelling. I endure to perform adequately and so, I would call myself a performer than a writer. I believe I do justice to the job.

Did you presume your poem “Agar tumhei lagta hai” would cross over a million views? How were you feeling?

It feels absolutely excellent to be appreciated and I think this poem was more of a response to Yahya Bootwala’s poetry “Shayad wo pyaar nahi”. Some of my individual works too like “Tum The” has received a sound response and it feels wonderful to have such genuine audience that you can correlate to.

How do you manage to put your thoughts in perfect metaphors?

My metaphors in my writing are principally based on what I see and observe around. For instance, I observed two leaves of a tree that stayed brushing together for a course. Abruptly there was a blow of breeze and one of the leaves parted. Isn’t it comparable to human relations? Most of them split when they encounter hurdles and difficulties. I consequently drafted the following:

Liptey Simtey pedho par

Jaaneman yaar purane the,

Jo toofano se juda huye,

wo pattey do deewane the

As an Engineer, do you think people with a different study background struggle to be familiar with their creativity? Do you think it is a helpful idea to sacrifice their passion?

Passion can be anything but I believe, sacrificing something is simple. Many personalities stipulate that they crush their love for something due to external oppression by families or society. But following your passion demands guts and determination, not everyone can do it. If you desire something you must follow it, you”ll surely experience victory at some point. So it’s comfortable to sacrifice something and be unhappy than to pursue your dreams and get what you desire.

So, Do you have any message to people who are fond of your poetry?

I want to explicate my gratitude. I would initially relish this occasion to acknowledge everyone for all the love and support they have provided me. I have exhilarated that my thoughts were relatable to all and I will proceed to constitute more for them. Whatever I am and will ever be is because of them. I believe they provide me courage and motivate me to write better than earlier.

Shweta is an extraordinary writer who has made all of us gratified and we wish her all the best for her future.

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