Meet this brave-hearted Delhi girl from Jamia who strived for justice and accomplished it VIA TWITTER

“Delhi Police shame on you that I had to beat him up myself!” Meet this brave-hearted Delhi girl from Jamia who strived for justice and accomplished it VIA TWITTER.

Women are regarded less secure these days reason being, the rising amount of atrocities against women. Grievously we come over a various account of harassments against females in diverse segments of the country. On Thursday another case of molestation is proclaimed from the capital, Delhi.

This 22-year-old student of Jamia Millia Islamia University, Sumaiya was harassed by an auto-rickshaw driver near New Delhi on Thursday after which the Delhi police allegedly declined to support.

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On Thursday, while Sumaiya was looking for an auto from New Delhi Metro Station to her stop she came across a Pedal Rickshaw and enquired the driver about the fare (which is regularly Rs. 50). The driver asserted he would charge her Rs. 170. Refusing him and recognizing that he was intoxicated, Sumaiya began approaching other auto-rickshaws near-by. To her shock, the driver followed Sumaiya and began abusing her verbally. Sumaiya was infuriated by his act and questioned him for an exposition to which the drunken driver incompetently asked her to drop the matter and also forcibly invited her to sit in his rickshaw. This moved to a point where Sumaiya had to throw the water-bottle that she was carrying at the driver. Agitated Sumaiya dragged the driver to a Police Station nearby and decided to file a complaint on him.

On reaching the Police Station she discovered that there were no on-duty policemen within, it was bolted. She decided to wait and was keen on teaching the driver a lesson. She immediately phoned the officials and notified about the same. They ensured Sumaiya that they would arrive at the police station within some time. Yet the driver did not end disrespecting her. While waiting, the driver repeatedly bothered her proposing her to “sit next to him” which unquestionably indicated his lack of fear. He did not decide to apologize for his behavior even once.

The driver’s mate then handed his phone to Sumaiya where a Police officer on-line asked her to disregard the driver’s actions and affirmed her that the driver will apologize to her. This frustrated Sumaiya even further. She did not understand the reason behind the Police supporting the driver instead of blaming him. Sumaiya demanded the Police to arrive at the Police station and speak.

Even after 45 minutes of depressing waiting, the Police did not show up. The discourteous driver asked Sumaiya to let it go sayingtumhei bhi pata hain Police nahi ayeegi. Clearly, Sumaiya felt helpless. She decided to give the driver what he deserves. She caught a danda lying nearby and began beating the driver with it violently. She left furiously and reached out the Delhi Police on Twitter. She tweeted “Shame on you that I had to beat him up myself!” to the Delhi Police. The tweet was then popularised and earned the consideration of a lot of people including the Delhi Police. Sumaiya was then reached out by the Police for the details and the driver was then punished for his acts.

Sumaiya believes that the choice of taking a stand for justice was only driven because of her considerate parents. Her parents were ready to support her under any conditions and that gave her strength. She assumes that many girls may have overlooked the driver’s acts if they were in her position due to the fear of society. We at Aapka Times salute the courageous girl and expect others to take a lesson from her.

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