Meet the Blind DU student who is a national level cricket player

Md Shahrukh, a first year student of English Honours in Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi university has an inspiring story where he has conquered many downfalls and setbacks. He lost his vision at the age of 6 while watching his brothers play cricket when a ball hit him in his left eye. On speaking to Aapka Times, he says that everyone thought his life was ruined after he went blind, his family and his neighbours. He continues that his mother, who he labels as a “warrior” found out about National Association for the Blind and enrolled him there.

Shahrukh is a national level Chess player, having played on the national stage twice and even getting the chance to go international but wasn’t able to take it due to some issues. He is also a national level cricket player for the Delhi team where he plays as an all rounder. His life has not been without hardships, as he talks about how he was rusticated when he was in class 9th and had to spend a year without school. He tells us that he felt very down during this period and turned to cricket and chess as a release and started pursuing it.

Shahrukh, who is also focused on the academic side of things tells us about how he had a very low attendance because his school was two and a half hours away and his family couldn’t pay for the travel everyday. He never told his teachers about this and just said he was sick or didn’t feel like coming. He also tells us that he couldn’t pursue law due to financial constraints.

On speaking about cricket, he says that even though it was the reason he went blind, he never stopped playing it and it is now one of the reasons he is where he is. He tells us that all his life people have told him that he wouldn’t be able to do something but he has been able to live independently and manage regardless of his setbacks. He has excelled in both cricket and chess and he has never let anything hold him back.

According to Shahrukh, the idea that you can’t do something is simply not true. He says that with enough effort we can achieve anything. When asked about his hobbies, he says that he likes to write shayaaris, use social media, and is trying to start a blog and a youtube channel.

He was kind enough to share one of his shayaaris with Aapka Times, which he says is how he lives his life. It says “Jab Manzil rah dikhane se inkaar kar de, Jab zindagi Ek nahin dhokhe kai baar kar de,Tab Tu kismat ko dosh Na Dena ai yaar, Bas khud ke kadam par Ek bar aitbaar kar le.” This roughly translates to when the way is not clear and life betrays you many times, do not blame faith, but put faith in yourself and your faiths. Words by this young man to inspire all of us and inspire us to fight the idea that we cant do it.

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