Meet This Remarkably Talented entertainer from Jamia

MONIS AHMAD KHAN IS AN ACTOR, POET, ANCHOR, WRITER AS WELL AS A STANDUP COMEDIAN , YES he is one such of a multifaceted person who knows how to manage  his studies along with his hectic professional  life for he believes  ‘SUCCESS AND EXCUSES CANNOT GO HAND IN HAND.

Monis originally hails from Bareilly and has completed his schooling from Bareilly itself. He completed his bachelors degree in architecture from lucknow and is currently pursuing masters in architecture from Jamia. He says ‘I am following my profession along with my passion’ because its my mother’s dream to seem me grow as an architect.

Besides being famous in his own college, Monis also won laurels in top most of colleges India. He was crowned as Mr. IIT Kanpur-2013, Mr.IIT Roorkee-2015 and Mr. IIT Delhi-2016. He gets call from various colleges like symbiosis, amity and Delhi University to host fests and to perform on stage. He also got qualified for India’s got talent final audition but unfortunately could not qualify this because of his semester exam.

Recently he was invited to anchor events  at SRCC’S annual fest crossroads, where he not only anchored the event  but also participated in mono-acting and he completely owned the stage and even bagged 1st prize. He leaves his audience stagnant through his expressions, he believes in connecting people through expression.

When we asked about his journey , he said it was not an easy task, it’s been a roller coaster ride for him, it all began when he started participating in debates while in school[yes he is also an avid debater],   somewhere around the corner it striked him that he could do something more than just debating, so he gradually started exploring himself, he challenged himself everyday to do better. Then came the most crucial time of his life when he had to choose between his passion and further education that is to go ahead with architecture and because it was his parents dream to see him as an architect so he decided to go ahead  with architecture along with his passion but this seemed really difficult for him  he failed in his semester exams but  this failure turned out to be his biggest strength because it was then when he realized that if he wants to sail both the ships he would need to burn the midnight oil  , and since then he have been working day and night and today we can see how good of an entertainer he is and not only entertainer but he is also amongst the top scorers in his M.Arch in JAMIA

“my parents are my inspiration” he says, and you will find it true if you go through his works, the subject of his major works is usually mother. He runs his own you tube channel and facebook page where he regularly posts his videos and poetry. He writes both in English and urdu.

Aish e parast zindagi k khtm hone ka ehsas tb hua ..jab maa k janaze k bad mera ghar suna hua    – Monis Ahmad Khan.

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