In our society, marriage has always been considered as a sacred bond between a man and woman. Since time immemorial, this institution has been the most basic foundation of a family. When we talk of a family, we think of it as a constant source of support, compassion, love and concern towards one another. Something we can always rely on, in times of our hardships; something permanent and an important part of our lives. However, life is not always a bed of roses. And for many, it becomes a cause of distress and sufferings. Nowadays, the number of failed marriages is increasing day by day, due to a large number of reasons. Yet, there are many women who choose to keep mum and continue to suffer at the hands of their husbands, hoping that one day their marriage will work and the person will change for the better. Of course, doing this, takes a lot of courage and patience, but most of them don’t have any other option. Sometimes, it’s not only about what one wants. There are various factors which make a woman think a thousand times before leaving her husband.

Here are 5 reasons as to why a woman is reluctant to leave her husband-

  1. Parental pressure- Many a times, families oppose the decision of their daughters to leave their husbands. The Indian culture sees marriage as a bond that must not be broken until death parts them and believes that their daughters ultimately belong to their husbands. Violating a marriage is considered unethical and as something that degrades the whole essence of it. Also, the family might not be able to take up the responsibility of their daughter again. So even if a girl wants to move away from her husband, she might have to think again.
  1. Societal pressure- Even if the girl’s family fully supports her decision of leaving her husband, the society won’t give way easily. One divorce and the whole family becomes the talk of the town. Family members are questioned and many eyebrows are raised as to why the man and wife have decided to separate. The common phrase “log kya kahenge” very well defines the mentality of our people. Therefore, to avoid this scenario, most families decide to keep the matter to themselves and advise their daughters to make their marriage work or learn to deal with it.
  1. Children- For once, it may be easier for a wife to leave her husband, but for a mother to leave the father, it raises n number of questions on her child’s future. Most women don’t feel competent enough to take full responsibility of their children and are co-independent on their male counterpart for their upbringing. Most importantly, divorce or separation is many a times not a healthy move for children, since they need both the parents for a healthy growth and development.
  1. Emotional support- Every individual is somehow dependent on the other in one or other way. The most basic of it is emotional support. Every person needs companionship, a sense of security and psychological satisfaction that the other person is there for him/her. Even in the most troubled marriages, the women don’t prefer to leave their husbands due to fear of loneliness and lack of emotional stability.
  1. Financial stability- Many women are either not well educated to take up a job or are not financially strong. Therefore, they tend to rely on their husbands more because of financial reasons. A financially weaker woman won’t be able to support her children’s education all by herself and that makes her more dependent on the male.

A marriage is not just a set of responsibilities. It is a continuous process which includes sacrifice, compromise, love, and endurance. It is definitely not an easy choice to leave your partner but it shouldn’t be made this hard either. After all, it’s not justified to spend your life with someone who treats you like an object. However, there are factors which govern a woman’s choices and we must respect that. The extra pressure added on by the society only worsens things for the sufferers.

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