Maitreyi College organised a face painting competition in association with “World Culture Festival”

#WCFcare4environment Maitreyi College,  organised a face painting competition on 20th February in association with “World Culture Festival”, a grand event to be held in Delhi on the successful completion of 35 years of” Art Of Living”. The competition itself became a mini event when the crowd participated with enthusiasm. Over 200 girls got their faces painted.The competition was a symbol of WCF and its “Care for Environment” campaign had all its ideologies : saving the environment, different cultures,happiness,joy of living.
The college had never experienced this kind of ombre says “Shelly Vashishta”, President of  the College’s Union.
Moreover,this mini event experienced awakening,creativity,enthusiasm and most importantly, the care for nature and mother Earth.It was a time when concern spoke through actions.

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