Lucknow University : Students met proctor and vice-chancellor, received unsubstantial answers; Students start Hunger Strike

Around three dozen students of Lucknow University protested against the blocking of admission by Vice-Chancellor and Proctor of the University on Friday. At first, the student leaders surrounded the proctor which stimulated a rage between the students and the proctor Vinod Singh. As a result, Pooja Shukla along with 6-7 people met Vice-Chancellor where the response they got was unsubstantial whereas students leader has intended to shut down the upcoming PG counseling on 4th July.

The exclusion of students from PG admissions is turning out to be a big problem for the Lucknow University Administration. On Friday afternoon, student leader PoojaShukla, Ankit Singh Babu, Mahendra Yadav and many other students went to proctor Vinod Singh where she asked about the reason of her exclusion. She even said that she fought against Yogi Government for the students’ rights in 2017, not because of any personal enmity.

Thousands of protests are held by students for their rights, but using them as a weapon to ruin their career is an unacceptable thing. It is claimed that Proctor Vinod Singh lost his temper during this conversation and abused the students verbally whereas additional proctor Gurnam Singh tried to resolve this fight. Students found this attitude unacceptable and even tried to teach him basic ethics of modesty.

The fight was somehow stopped before any physical contact but police were called by somebody. So, the patrolling cars and policemen visited the campus. The proctor said to wait for at least two more days before jumping to any conclusion.

Student Leader Pooja Shukla complained that the Vice-Chancellor is inclined towards BJP. Akhil Bhartiya Vidhya Parishad student leaders who are involved in criminal cases are permitted while the students involved with Samajwadi Party are facing troubles from the administration. The student leaders even said to protest everywhere if they aren’t given admission till 4th July.

Students have started hunger strike  in support of Pooja Shukla and other students whose admission is blocked.


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