Lucknow University : Pooja Shukla detained by the police during hunger strike

Lucknow University was closed today till further orders after a fight between the protestors and the teachers causing over dozens of injuries, as reported by the officials. The vice-chancellor mentioned that the youths claimed that they were from the Samajwadi Party.

Vice-Chancellor SP Singh said that “Over a dozen teachers were injured in the incident. I might have also been attacked by them but my colleagues saved me and I reached my office.”
Apart from this, he even claimed that the students were not from Lucknow University and were anti-social elements and outsiders claiming themselves to be SP workers.
The institution argued that the students concerned had given an undertaking not to apply for future courses in the institution after the demonstration against the state government and chief minister. Most of the protestors are associated with All India Students’ Association (AISA) and the Samajwadi Party’s student wing.
On the other hand, Student Leader Pooja Shukla and few others who were protesting for admission in PG courses at Lucknow University were beaten abused and were forcefully arrested by Uttar Pradesh Police.
Pooja Shukla on her social media handle wrote that “We were brutally beaten, clothes were torn, abused verbally and now we are being sent to jail but fasting will last in jail as well. VC is lying that we were creating chaos. Three CCTV cameras are there, you can see if we were anarchists or Police and VC.”
Till now, there are leaders from the Samajwadi party who supported their step against Lucknow University and many people condemned this act of politics by Lucknow University. There are innumerable cases where protests by students led to major revolution and this might be the beginning of a new putsch.

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