Life of a Student at ICFAI Business School – How it is different from other B- Schools

How do you imagine your ideal business school to be?  Let us paint a picture. An enormous building in a cold place, lined with many old buildings with a bell at the clock tower, a boring library and classrooms filled with inattentive students.

But when you come to ICFAI Business School, you are in for a surprise. It has a grandiose resort like feeling, a lush green campus with a huge garden in the centre. It is exactly what one wants after clearing IBSAT and all the consequent rounds.

It is one of the very good places to be if you are looking to indulge in multiple group activities other than just academics such as sports, clubs, plays, organizing cultural events, etc. The institute offers opportunities in almost every field for the overall development of students. This is among the many reasons why ICFAI Business School is one of the best management institutes in India.

Life of a student at this institute is full of excitement. Anybody who clears IBSAT and gets into ICFAI is on his way to a promising journey. The business school makes everything- Leaving behind your city, paying substantial amount of fees as also foregoing your earning opportunity while studying, all worth it.

In this article, we present preview of a student’s life at ICFAI Business School.


ICFAI Business School has 9 campuses spread over acres of land. Each campus has a number of facilities to offer to its students. The institute has a well stocked library (with more than 50,000 books at some campuses), a conference and auditorium room, a computer lab and 24×7 internet connection. The institute has an IBS Case Development Center (CDC) which is its unique feature. It is why MBA from ICFAI Business School stands out.

All the outdoor enthusiasts may be wondering about the facilities available for other activities. The campuses are well equipped with sports facilities inside and outside the hostels. There are several opportunities for outdoor activities as there is Basketball court, Cricket ground, Squash court, Badminton court, Gymnasium and Swimming Pool.

Teaching Methodology

Curriculum of ICFAI Business School is well structured and is based on active student participation. It helps you gain required knowledge and skills to be at par with the competitive corporate world. It is a blend of case studies method, classroom discussions and presentations. The curriculum has nothing to do with IBSAT, so aspirants who managed to just scrape by need not worry.

Concepts are discussed through case studies which is one of the most unique features of the institute. Most subjects are taught through case studies. Students also have a chance to learn through cases studied in Harvard.

ICFAI follows a system of continuous evaluation. Performance of students is evaluated not only based on theoretical knowledge but also their participation in classes and presentations. So, the study schedule will keep you really busy if you wish to do well academically.


The faculty houses consist of experienced professors, aiming to make great professionals out of you. Students will be under the guidance of teachers who are best in their field. Many of them are alumni of IITs & IIMs and a few hold a Ph.D. as well.


Campus Life

ICFAI Business School has been described as ‘Mini India’ by its students. Why so? This is because candidates from all the corners of India appear for IBSAT. The institute carefully selects the most deserving applicants.

The student community is truly diverse as students from different states, cultural backgrounds and all walks of life come together under the same roof. They become a part of the ICFAI family and get an unparalleled exposure to different cultures, languages and ways of living.

Co- curricular and extra- curricular activities are very much a part of day to day life on the campus. Students are very active outside the classroom inspite of having a hectic schedule. You can become a part of several student bodies which manage cells, clubs and committees.

Study Environment

The study environment at this business school is highly conducive. Students can utilize the library, IT labs and reading rooms. There is no alternative to hard work as the level of competition is quite high.

 A typical day for a student at ICFAI will comprise of the following events- morning exercise (Yoga, Gym, Swimming or any sport), classes and then attending meetings of clubs. After all these activities, students still find the time to study (provided they do not over indulge in distractions).

The Club Culture

At ICFAI institute, there are around 30 clubs, each organizing its own events. Each of you will find at least one club which resonates with you, wherein you can contribute something for the betterment of it.

With the variety that is offered, it is almost impossible that one of these clubs do not appeal to you. The key is to join the club which is best suited to your interests.

 The institute has clubs which are based on academics like Financial Markets, Science & Tech, Money & Banking and HR. What about those looking for a break from academics? The b- school also has several clubs that are based on skills like Drawing & Sketching, Photography, Theatre and Sports. Being a member of these clubs gives you an edge as they impart some skills that the course structure cannot.

Events at ICFAI Business School

The institute has events and fests as per different clubs. This is why it is likely that some function or competition is always going on in the campus. Owing to the diversity of students, every festival is celebrated in the campus.

ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad also organizes an annual event wherein students from all campuses can participate. The cultural and management fest- Trishna, is a 3-day mega event organized by the students. It attracts aspirants from all reputed management institutes across the nation. A number of competitions, entertainment and recreation activities are held during this event.

The sports meet of Hyderabad- Aaveg, is a 3-day national inter- business schools sports meet. Several teams representing their school participate in 10 different sports events. Apart from this, you can also participate in events and fests conducted by other institutes.

Hostels and Mess

Hostels are quite good and comfortable with no major issues to complain about. One of the many advantages at ICFAI is that there is no room sharing. This is very good in terms of privacy and space. Rooms also come with an option of attached washrooms. The hostels also have TV rooms and common rooms where students can pass their free time.

The environment inside the college is fun and buzzing. The canteen is well managed and clean. It provides different cuisines of food. If food is a deal breaker for you, then you need not worry at ICFAI.

Placement structure

This business school has an excellent track record of achieving placements every year with top companies visiting the campus to recruit its applicants. ICFAI Business School has a 100% placement record. It provides you with the opportunity of choosing to get a job from more than 200 companies.

Each one of you dreaming of having a white-collar job is a step closer to securing one in ICFAI. Reputed companies like Goldman Sachs, Ford, Deloitte, Google, ITC Hotels, SBI, Idea, TCS, Airtel, HSBC and ICICI Bank visit the campuses for placements.

MBA holders from ICFAI have made their mark worldwide. The top 10% merit rankers get packages as high as 12 lakhs per year. The money and efforts you put in for getting into this institute are all worth it as shown by these records. The fees that applicants have paid for 2 years are recovered within no time. The MBA degree from this business school opens new doors for you.



Apart from the fantastic job opportunities, students of ICFAI Business School are provided with great internship programs. These internships are a part of the curriculum. Individuals will have to take up a Summer Internship which has lasts for a duration of approximately 14 months.

Leading recruiters from every sector- Banking, Finance, Consumer Goods, Consulting & Telecom and Pharma offer internships to the students. It enables candidates to have hands- on training with industrial exposure. If you showcase your capabilities at the workplace and prove to be indispensable, some of these companies might also offer Pre- Placement Offers (PPO).

ICFAI Business School has a lot to offer to students. It stands out amongst other schools due to its different teaching methodology and experienced facility. You have the opportunity of becoming a member of active clubs in a variety of fields- from Swimming to talents, marketing and finance. The placement records and the availability of so many facilities make the institute too good to be true. But it is! You embark on a journey full of possibilities, of which clearing IBSAT is only the first step.


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