A smile comes to our face when we hear the word “Friend”. There is just something way more special in this bond which nothing else can compare. A life without friends isn’t worth living. They are our favourite people, our awesome group, our secondary family and at times even more than that. This is one inexplicable relation that no words can match up to its aura. Our lives revolve around our mates and there is no specific percentage of how essential they are to us in our respective journeys. It saddening to see how this eminent bond has lost its meaning in this “technical” age and the way the actual meaning has shifted towards the virtual show off. Everything is not for us or our friends but for the people who don’t even matter. This way it becomes arduous for us to draw a distinction among the real ones and the ones who are there to increase the amount of likes in our profile. On this beautiful occasion of friendship day we give you 10 ways how the real friendship is characterised from the untrue one:

#1 Timeline: The beauty and elegance of this eminent bond is that you cannot just click your way into friendship. It takes a whole lot of time to understand each other, match up to one’s emotional and intellectual level, learn about the likes and dislikes and respect each other for who they are. The more time you give in, the stronger the relation gets and the happiness increases exponentially. There is no specific time period; it’s like a wine which keeps getting better with time.

#2 Accepted and Delivered: This one is no business; there is no directive and no particular strategy. The best thing about it is that we can define our own ways. Unlike in the case of our relatives we don’t have to follow certain ordinance. We can be as real and honest to each other as we want and there is no harm and foul with that since our friends know us well enough to accept us and whilst knowing about our quirky personalities they love us.

#3 Sharing: This one lays the foundation of a concrete and aware friendship. There are many a times when we have things to talk about but we aren’t contented about telling it to any of our family members, friends swoop in right at that point of time and take away all our worries. No matter what, friends are always there when you need them and they are there even when you don’t. You don’t need to ask for anything neither they do, it is this unspoken realisation which makes it all the more magical.

#4 Privacy Statement: After our blood relations if there’s someone we possess complete faith in, it’s our friends. They never fail to protect our most personal information irrespective of the time and situation. We can tell them anything and we don’t have to say it but we know that not only our activities but also our thoughts are going to abide sheltered with them. They are our dear diary, our extended head space, our keeper of thoughts and simply the best.

#5 “Like”ability: They never judge us. They are in complete tranquillity with the way we are and even like us for it. And even if we execute something that is intolerable or undesirable to them, they still give us chances and never give up on us. They know us well enough to perceive that we can never do anything intentionally to cause them any harm.

#6 No Filters: There are just no secrets in friendship; we tell each other everything from the E to the G. Whatever happens, our friends are our go-to guys to discuss it all whether it be about anything nonsensical or something of crucial importance. We know every single detail about them and their lives and so do they. Each of the topic in its very crude form is discussed. We have our own slangs, secret code words, nicknames and much more. In a way friends become reflection of each other, yet a bit different.

#7 Parental Control: True friends are those who never let us fall into harm’s way and if we still decide to do it, they fall with us just to say, I told you so. They are our brothers and sisters but they become our parents whenever we lose our brains and try something which is entirely wrong for us. They don’t laugh on us like others. Instead they make us understand where we are mistaken and not just that; they correct us. Since they know us the best they also know how to deal with us and get us back on the right track.

#8 Block: There is no option for blocking your friends. We all have our lives and unknowingly we do something which might be unsuitable to our friends but they never get offended and forgive us with or without our apology because given everything what matters the most is our original connection with them and nothing can erode it. Friendship is the synonym for unconditional love.

#9 Home: School, hostel or college, if there’s one place which feels like home without our original family is when we are with our friends no matter what the place is. There is this familiar feeling of intimacy which makes the whole environment alive and exuberant. Even if we meet them after a long time it doesn’t take much time to get accustomed and fall back into the same sphere where we used to belong. That feeling is fathomless.

#10 Family: Family doesn’t end in blood, but it doesn’t start there either. Family cares about you, not what you can do for them family’s there; for the good, bad, all of it. They got your back, even when it hurts. That’s family. Our friends are our family and no matter how bad things turn out they never stop caring about you, respecting you, loving you. They are our wolf pack, our A- Team, reasons for our birthdays being special and regular days being awesome. Celebrating every small and big achievement and crying with them on every failure and going back to them again for some advice. They are crazy but they are ours, exclusively.
No facebook can change this. They are the spice to our dull lives, oxygen to our lungs, smiles on our faces and above all, pure happiness. Here’s to all the secrets, all the nights, all the days, all the trips, all the outings, all the fights, all the make-up sessions, all the laughs, all the memories that we have made and much more that we are about to, all the nonsense, weirdness, anger, sadness, joy, thoughts, care, emotions, feelings… Love.
Happy Friendship Day.

[author image=”” ]I am Sameer Khan,an IT engineer by graduation. Pursuing MA Convergent Journalism from Jamia Millia Islamia. Bollywood reviewer and technology researcher.[/author]

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