Lately I’ve been losing sleep!

“Lately I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep,

Dreaming about the things that We could be!

But, Baby I’ve been, I’ve been praying hard,

Said no more counting dollars , We’ll be counting stars !”

The first time I heard this song by One Republic, my heart was pounding like crazy by the end of it. I almost had tears after watching the video. Because It went straight through me to show how it feels like living your dreams.

My very-lovely readers,

Please don’t hate me for making you read this. But these words are straight from my heart , Something I would share only with my real-close ones.

Sometimes I wonder what life is all about:

  • Being rich and famous?
  • Being happy
  • Or is it all just a cruel ,materialistic world meant to end on one Judgement day-The Apocalypse!

Well, it may be! but that can’t stop you from chasing your dreams. Or can it? Being who you want to be. Being the one who  you truly are. The one hidden inside you. The one who feels so-scared to come out. The real you, deep inside you, who is so over-conscious of what people would think. You know what!! don’t give a damn about those people. Don’t think so much about them. Because you know what peeps, ultimately the bet is on you!

You make friends because it gives you happiness. You learn skills because it fetches you big bucks. You help others because it ultimately makes you feel happy. You travel ,you talk, you dance, you eat because it has always been all on you. Then why forget that ,when it comes to living your dreams. Ask yourself, are you the one passionate about your goals or the one who lets other decide for you? Sometimes you will feel like there is nobody on your side, you are following  a different path all on your own, with nobody to show you the light.

But in that moment only! you have to remember that it was your own dream only and not theirs!

May you have the courage to follow your dreams this new year.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

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