Another Language to be added in class X

A new three language formula for secondary education proposed by Central Board of Secondary Education  (CBSE) barring the mother tongue or one regional language listed in Schedule VIII . However the language must be listed out from the Schedule VIII of Constitution or English.

Under this explicit scheme, an additional language or a fourth language can be opted as a foreign language and other non-listed Indian ones, but will be non-qualifying in nature. Hindi or English may not be studied necessarily as; the combination of subjects will not allow scope for not opting them.  The three language system has been followed by a board up to class VIII in which foreign language do include. The board has recommendations by the CBSE governing body that, it should welcome the three language method as by the National Policy on Education 1986.

“As per the national policy on education 1986, the proposed languages will be any two listed in Schedule VIII of thE Constitution as well as English. Of the two languages to be selected from Schedule VIII , one must be the mother tongue or a regional language. Student may opt for any foreign or Indian language not listed in Schedule VIII as a fourth language one, which will be of non-qualifying nature” -as per recommendation by the HRD Minister.

The chairman of CBSE R K Chaturvedi in talk with TOI said, “These are just recommendations made by the governing body. The government will examine and decide accordingly”. In addition to it he also said that the three language method is efficiently prioritizing the language listed out in schedule VIII of the Constitution and over English too!

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A senior official of CBSE said in explaining the process that, if the medium is Bengali and the mother tongue is same, the student will have Bengali and any two other language from the 22 mentioned in Constitution or English. In the three language method theoretically, one can have language like Bengali, Hindi and even Maithili, Urdu or Bodo. But such step will foster students to opt for hindi and English along with mother tongue or a listed regional language.


Source: TOI


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