KRK’s Fake Tweet and SRK’s Pure Sarcasm

Prince Vij for आपका Times

Bollywood and politicians are two sides of same coin, this proverb is obviously not a new stuff for cine goers and political analysist. Bollywood and politics, both are deeply involved with each other, not from the year but from the centuries. Sometime bollywood and sometime politics has used each other for commercial gain. In recent, we have seen lots of stars, in the raillies of our respected politicians and we have seen lots of politicians on the Page 3 of every third bollywood magazine. But, what happened in going week is something more, which have raised fingers on this amazing ralationship of bollywood and politics.
A fake tweet, with the name of Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan, is quite a hot cake on almost every social networking site, especially on twitter. In which SRK claimed that if Narendra Modi will become PM, he will leave this country. But actually, that was tweeted by the Mr. Nonsense of Twitter, Kamaal R Khan (KRK), and even he completed his promise and here is snapshot of his ‘Leaving India’ tweet:


After all this controversy, lots of question has been raised on the privacy facilities of twitter, negative uses of Adobe Photoshop and draw backs of micro blogging sites and chatting apps. Not only just Shah Rukh Khan, even actors like Salman Khan and Aamir Khan has also been included in this nonsense controversy. Twitter, Whatsapp and Adove Photoshop has also played an important role during all this stuff. Here, we show you how the all three fake tweets of India’s top 3 superstars have been created.


On this entire controversy, Shalini Malhotra (Memer of SRK Fan Club, Farukhabaad) said that this entire matter has been spread by some communal activists including Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh (RSS) and so called contractors of Hindu Religion. She calso claimed that these people are continuely doing such dirty politics against SRK. Even a well known Maharashtra based political party had also done such type of dirty politics during the release of My Name Is Khan.

When we have share word with Ananya Khatri, a well known Punjab based bollywood analysist claimed that not only communal activist or political parties, even fan bases of biggest superstars are also part of this dirty game. If Salman Khan fan base produce a fake tweet, then the same activity will be done by the Shah Rukh Khan fan base and this circle of revenge is going on. Not even these fake tweet stuff, even they make negative trends against rival superstars. This activity of negative trend was biggest drawback of bollywood in last years. Words like Salgay, SRgay had been badly used on social networking site, Twitter.

As this controversy of fake tweet has caught a strong wave, now not only Shah Rukh Khan even twitter handles of different political party also accepted that tweet was not written by SRK, it was written by that Drama King, Kamaal R Khan. Here, we show you the snapshot of official twitter handle of Varanasi, which claimed that Shah Rukh Khan is not guilty:

When this fake tweet controversy has created lots of headlines in mainstream newspapers and leading national news channels, then not only bollywood and political analysist even Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has reacted on this entire stuff. Undoubtedly, SRK is a personality which is well known for his sarcastic and killer sense of Humor. His sarcasm once again worked in his favor and collected lots of appologies not just from the haters even from people, who spread this fake tweet of ‘Fake Grammer’. Here is the screen capture of that tweet, which has been tweeted by SRK last night:

Now, almost everything is clear, who is guilty or who is not. But now the question is simply that will such type of content on micro blogging sites be continue or cyber cell of administration will be available to take action against suct activities. After all this drama, one thing is almost clear like a water that any one can make or damage your image with just few clicks on computer. Our mainstream media, which is still busy to enjoy the victory of Namo, must concentrate on such activities, so that these things can be reached on the table of cyber wings and Telecommunication Ministery. Lets see, after this big drama of Fake tweet, how much internet world beware from this booming and scary information technology.

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