JNU row: Rustication of Umar, Anirban; Kanhaiya fined Rs 10,000

On  Monday, JNU on the basis of the recommendation of the High Level enquiry Committee, rusticated Umar Khalid and two other students including JNUSU president Khaniya Kumar and forced a fine of 10,000 as they had the connection with the 9, February case about the Afzal Guru’s hanging.

The three students, Anirban Bhattacharya has been rusticated till 15 July, Umar has been rusticated for one semester and Mujeeb Gattoo for around two semester. Bhattacharya has also ceased from pursuing any course in the varsity campus for around five years. Whereas Khalid has also been fined of Rs 20,000.

Umar and Anirban were the one who tried to create communal violence and disturbing communal harmony, whereas Mujeeb was the culprit for sloganeering inside the campus.

While other than the these, Banojyotsana Lahiri and Draupadi has been bounded by the campus, and for Ashutosh Kumar and Komal Mohite hostel facilities are ceased for a year and July 21, respectively.

Aishwarya Adhikari and ABVP member Sourabh Sharma were accused of same penalty of Rs 20,000 as they were found guilty of blocking traffic on 9, February, surprisingly   Aishwariya name was not mentioned in the list.

A senior varsity official stated “ the report given by High-Level committee, which has arrived its conclusion on the basis of deposition, perusal of video clips, and examination of documents on record, according to this, the varsity has decided to rusticate three students.” Total around 14 students has been imposed penalty including Khaniya Kumar.

In a counter, JNUSU vice-president Shehla Rashid said: we completely reject the fake and biased enquiry done by the sheer vendetta. The quoted students are all innocent, as they belongs to humble and underprivileged background. It’s a way to crush the anti-Modi voice and in account we will not remain silent against  this conspiracy. All the punishments are based on the one side thought stated by ABPV members, and our call for the unbiased enquiry was ignored.

The V-C is speaking what central government is chanting, he must react as an academician first, than as a RSS loyalist. The treasurer of anti-reservation Youth for Equality, Rakesh Bhatnagar, the committee head who have been punished Dalits, Muslims and backward castes.

We are thinking to launch a country wide campaign to expose the biasness by Government against the Dalits and students as people across the country are supporting us due to unfair done by the Government”.

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