Jamia students Protest against hostel cancellation of two Kashmiri students

New Delhi: Around 50 students from Jamia Millia Islamia protested in the hostel premises on Wednesday evening against the cancellation of the hostel facilities of two students. Basit Khan and Sameer Keen, from the AM Khwaja Hostel were suspended on 24th January for allegedly complaining against the food quality to the Vice Chancellor. The two students hailing from Kashmir are students of the Department of Political Science and History in the university.

Sameer Keen along with Basit Khan met Prof. Talat Ahmed, University Vice Chancellor on Wednesday regarding their expulsion from the hostel. Sameer said “We tried to contact the VC since 24th January, but could only get the appointment for Wednesday. The VC refused to listen to us. He also remarked about our Kashmiri identity”. Around 50 students from the university started the protest in the evening demanding the cancellation order to be revoked.

Among those present at the protest were Meeran Haidar, Imran Chaudhary, Ateeb Khan,Shamsheer Khan along with many others. Meeran Haider said that the protest was organised against the decision of the university to expel the two students. He added “If there is any complaint against any student it should be dealt with proper procedure. A committee should be drafted composing a teacher and a student to look into the matter.” He added “Severe punishments like canceling the hostel is a harsh move against the student”.

Prof. Haroon Sajjad, the Chief Proctor of the university promised to relook at the facts and take further actions accordingly and said that students are allowed to stay in the hostel till further orders. The administration alleged that the students have used abusive words on the phone speaking to the warden. Iqbal Hussain, The Provost of the Maulana Mohammed Ali Jauhar Hall in the university called a meeting with the wardens of the hostels and left without speaking to the students. We tried to reach the Provost for his comments, but couldn’t reach for his reaction.

The two students are called for a meeting in the Provost Office on Thursday .The suspension has left the student with anger since only three students among the complainant were given show cause letters. It is also seen as an attempt to invoke fear among the Kashmiri students in the university since the three students were from Kashmir.

(Majid Alam for Aapka Times)

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