Jamia Students organise a march against consumerism for the campaign Urge2Splurge

If you were present in the campus of Jamia Millia Islamia yesterday you must be wondering what was the noise all about?

A train of students marching with yellow and white posters in their hands asking not to splurge.

Photos by : Mohammad Wazid & Upma Singh

The marching was organised by the students of M.A Development Communication from Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) University’s AJK Mass Communication Research Centre to make their fellow university mates aware about the donation drive and their ongoing campaign on consumerism.

The two-hour long march encircling the campus was about curbing the splurging and sharing the unwanted things with the needy. The march was a part of the online campaign ‘Urge2Splurge’ that students are currently working on.

“Urge2Splurge is a great initiative by the Jamia Development Communication system. It is a very commendable effort special in the social media era when marketers are not leaving any stone unturned to urge people to splurge. Though consumerism is good for economy, we cannot neglect the effect of it on environment and our health” Professor Dharam Arora told AT.

“Jeebein bhari Dil khali, Splurging se na kar yaari” was our slogan for today’s Urge2splurge march, full on energy we conveyed our ideas on consumerism and how the habit of splurging on a particular item is not needed. The public really liked the concept and supported the campaign firmly” said Aleena Islam

Another slogans student raised by the student was ‘Khali Hath Aye they, khali hath jayengye, splurging ko sharing se mitayengye’ (we came barehanded, we will go barehanded, and we will replace the splurging with sharing)

“A lot of people keenly heard about the campaign and ask more about it. The offline interaction was fruitful for as more and more people got to know about our event on 20 April with that happening we will have more things in our donation box and further we can help the needy” said Mohammad Wazid, a first year student of DevComm

“The Urge2Splurge march was amazing we voiced our opinions on the issue we felt deeply about. We saw huge involvement from the entire staff and students of Jamia and I think it made our campaign even stronger.” observed Upma Singh

“These young torch-bearers wearing the badges of not to splurge are reaching out to us through social.media with amazing creative and videos to convince us not to splurge” added Prof. Arora

The campaign can be followed through #urge2splurge and videos can be looked at their youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFo5b9mSn6XRyHVphERfzZA

The campaign will have its closing ceremony on 20 April, 2018 at the M.F Hussain Art Gallery.

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