Jamia students go on Hunger Strike; Demands fulfilled

Today students from faculty of Dentistry of Jamia Millia Islamia sat on indefinite Hunger Strike against the mental harassment done to them by faculty members.The Hunger Strike began since 9:00 am in the central canteen and was joined by scores of Students.

“We are mentally harassed by teachers and lab attendants , Teachers do not give us proper marks in practicals, even the intelligent students fail to score well”, said one of the students participating in protest. “They call us names and even abuse us”, alleges another student on the condition of anonymity. According to them, some students were even failed unfairly.

jamia-hunger-strikeProf. Mehtab Alam, Proctor of Jamia Millia Isalmia came on the spot to assure the students but they demanded Vice Chancellor to talk to them. Thence, around 12:15 PM Jamia Vice-Chancellor Prof. Talat Ahmad arrived at the sight of protest and provided them with assurance to take actions against the wrong doers in the future. VC also asked lead student representatives to accompany him to his office in order to discuss the problems. After a short discussion around 12:30 PM, hunger strike was brought to an end once lead representatives declared the decision made by VC and them.

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